A pocket hole jig is a specialty woodworking tool that allows wood to be connected securely with screws. ), ( Since youre making your own furniture or cabinets why not make the perfect plug yourself? Any thoughts?

Not sure if better than Kreg; I've never use the Kreg. Justin, I can't think of anything you can't do with the Kreg Mini Jig but it's a bit slower because you have to stop and measure the spacing if you're not on 3/4" stock. Each of the models achieves the process of making the pocket holes with varying degrees of ease and efficiency. I hope this comparison helped you make your decision confidently. Of course, if youre not sure, and have the budget these jigs arent meant to be one vs. the other.

You don't need to break the bank and spend $20 on a clamp. The Kreg 520 is a replacement for the now-discontinued K4 model and is more advanced compared to the 320. The Pocket hole jig clamp helps clamp the Kreg720 to your workbench. While an avid woodworker needs a more complex system, if your project is small and re-use to-be-determined; a simple clamp on jig is fine. Well, Kreg has you covered there as well with two packaged plugs for oak and paint-ready. If your species isnt listed or you want a higher quality grain and color match youll need to make your own. Its the jig for a hardworking woodworker if portability isnt a high priority.

And last, but not least, the length of the screw must match the depth of the hole and provide a secure connection without breaking the surface of the wood. ), ( While one version of best is a high volume, production ready jig it might not be best suited for a DIYer who will only use the jig 3-4 times a year. Did you know there is waxed cloth to help prevent stains? Doable with the mini and some spacers. If you havent purchased a face clamp before then most of the lighter duty pocket hole jigs will drive you to buy one. Vertical and horizontal configuration vertical is great for boards and horizontal is perfect for large panels and plywood. All rights reserved, Free Woodworking Downloads From Lee Valley, I Can Do That! 12 Very informative. You can simply swap out the existing drill guide to use the micro drill guide. Woodworkers are used to comparing tool brands to decide what their next tools should be. I think buying a cheap one first is a good idea. Thank you, too. However, for the same amount of money, I would recommend the Kreg 720 PRO instead. Copyright (c) 2022 LEAN Woodworking LLC. The answer to that depends on the answer to the questions I asked you at the beginning. PROFESSIONAL SCREW ORGANIZERS: is a see-through and portable solution for small part and screw organization. With variations in wood thickness youll need to adjust the drill bit depth. Due to that, before deciding which is the best pocket hole jig for you, its best to determine HOW you will use it and then match your uses to the features of the jigs. We will cover all their features in detail below. ), ( Each Kreg Jig kit includes the following: Some models also have a PRO add-on package that has other extra items like support wings, etc which make it easier to use the jig in certain situations. The Massca jig features a magnetic quick-adjust system, built-in thickness gauge and is easy to use with no need to compensate for workpiece thickness. Thank you so much for the info!

Not only do they have a few jigs, they have all the accessories and screws to go with them. ), ( Thank you. There are a few accessories you can buy separately to make the Kreg520 more functional. See my post on. Milescraft 4000 2in Face Clamp Heavy Duty,, Kreg P-OAK Solid-Wood Pocket Hole Plugs Oak, Kreg SK03 Pocket-Hole Screw Kit in 5 Sizes, Kreg DK1100 TP 1-1/4 Horsepower Bench Pnuematic, The Best Router for Router Tables and Lifts, The Best Woodworking Vises, Types and How To Mount Them, 9 Unique Tool Brands For Serious Woodworkers, Easy Workbench Organization With These Unique Solutions, The Best Cabinet Hardware Jigs And Templates for Doors, The Best Benchtop Planers for Small Workshops In 2022, Professional Grade Random Orbital Sanders, The Best Woodworking Apron For Your Shop In 2022, Single or double hole jigs clamped to the work surface, Pocket hole systems that clamp the workpiece, And, pocket hole machines that are best for high volume production shops that speed through hundreds of holes in no-time. A good clamp is important. THIS CONTENT IS PROVIDED AS IS AND IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE OR REMOVAL AT ANY TIME. I totally get it. First, this type of joinery creates a moderate amount of force on the wood pieces. ), ( ), ( I am trying to make a farmhouse table and some benches. They have been around for a long time and have multiple models of Kreg Jig available. Drawer box constru A 66 wiring block is an older but still widely used style telephone distribution panel. If you're not a full time carpenter and just like to build things from time to time because it not only saves money but it's fun, it's important to not spend a lot of money on tools that will collect dust. Please help by Liking, +1'ing, Tweeting or Pinning. If you havent used a pocket hole system before the first surprise is how much clamping youll need to do. Lets dive into each of the pocket Kreg Jig models in detail. Milwaukee vs. Festool. If youre just getting started with woodworking, or only make the occasional pocket-hole, the 310 is the budget option for your toolbox. pocket screws use wood drill joints strong If you have dust collection and wont be using your jig for plywood or on-the-go then go with the 720. So how do you plan for this when choosing pocket hole screw? Here is everything you need to decide about which Kreg jig to buy for beginners or experienced makers. Second, hardwoods require a less aggressive thread design while softwoods and MDF require a more aggressive design. ***This post contains referral or affiliate links. The Pocket-Hole Jig 320 is Kregs more advanced portable solution. You can upgrade your Kreg720 with simple accessories. Kreg realized that, and with the new lineup of the 720 and 520-pro has greatly simplified this needed task. Last update on 2022-07-21 at 14:23 / Images from Amazon. If youre a production shop owner and looking for how to maximize volume then a pocket hole machine is your best bet. Lets summarize everything above in a chart. Its ok to buy two.

But with a face frame jig like the General Tools face frame jig system (a Kreg jig alternative) youll be able to quickly set, clamp and drill face frames. The other most common emails I receive have the following questions , I am on a limited budget and want to buy a KregJig but I am overwhelmed by all the options?, Which is the best pocket hole jig for a beginner?. 6 On-board bit storage keeps the bits handy and you will never lose your drill and driver bits again.

Dust port simply hook it up to your shop vac and remove wood chips as you make the pocket holes. I will probably go with the Kreg Jr. and as a BONUS receive a guide to 300+ lumber retailers (with price lists). Saved me from getting something I don't need. I second Dawn's comment. See a detailed tutorial of how to use the Kreg 520 here. First, the purpose of the pocket hole jig system is to ensure the screw and its path into both pieces of wood are ready for installing a screw. Thanks, this review was just what I was looking for. Secure the board with a red spacer against the previous board. Thanks for the info! Disclaimer: DIY projects can be dangerous,hire a professional (link to Home Advisor) if unsure. ), ( Just learning as I go and trying to inspire others! Workbench organization isnt just important for looks. Despite how we often portray it, most woodworkers dont have a dedicated workshop space. Which is why the best random orbital sanders are both great at removing wood but also have the features and power professionals turn to. Can also cut pocket hole plugs (with additional accessory). Thanks - very helpful info! But, choosing the right type of vise and mounting location isnt as obvious as it might seem. I am just starting my projects and don't want to spend money unnecessarily. And lastly, uses the same drill bit and driver system as a full-size jig. But for hardwoods use a flat head so the surface of the head follows the pilot hole shape. As an entry-level jig system or just to have in the tool box, the Kreg 320 is a great option at a reasonable cost. Instead, they work on sawhorses, or on their driveway or patio. This article represents my own opinion and may contain affiliate links. A biscuit joiner has a few advantages, in my mind: But the biggest downside? And, since there many types of planers, its worth noting that a benchtop planer typically features: Straight or helical blades Support for boards up to 13-inches (33 cm) Single phase 15-amp motors Adjustable height up to 6-inches (15.2 cm) Single or two speed, Until youve connecteda random orbital sander to a dust extractor you dont know what youre missing. In this, Woodworking vises free up your hands to carve, screw, drill or do whatever task is needed while your work stays securely in place. (3) Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Here are some supplies and tools we find essential in our everyday work around the shop. Must-Have Kreg Tools Accessories For Beginners, 10 Pocket hole tips and tricks to build like a Pro, detailed video course on all things pocket holes, How to use Cricut Hat Press for Beginners, NEW Kreg Tools for Joinery, Hardware, and Workshop A Review, A hex wrench to adjust the depth collar (may include a material thickness gauge). Today, I am breaking it all down into bite-sized pieces and helping you understand the capabilities of each model, pros, and cons, and most importantly how to decide which one to pick. Lastly, with this port youll likely need a few custom adapters to size to your dust system (or shop vacuum). Even if you are a hobby woodworker, will you be exclusively building with pocket holes or will you be using them to make the occasional pocket holes in your projects? This is a jig I wish I knew about before I built my last cedar deck. Thank you! I created an entireresource centerfor pocket hole joinery. Which one is best for you? Not sure I can afford a some of the more costly KJs would I be able to get away in only using the Mini Pocket Hole KJ? Was going to pick up the Mini today but after reading your article I decided to go with the R3 JR instead.

), ( Pretty strong from my experience. Images are copyrighted and may not be used without explicit written permission. For more wood joint alternatives, be sure to check out the Festool DOMINO joint and alternatives. The only downside? The only drawback?

19 While budget and your projects will ultimately determine the best pocket hole jig for your workshop, its best to also plan ahead in case your part time ambitions grow. The plug cutter drill guide kit helps cut pocket hole plugs. While the best pocket hole jigs vary by your projects needs, they all have basic features like high quality bushings and clamping surfaces in common. After that first trial run youll be ready to explore more advanced pocket hole screws. I'm going to buy, but from what I've read, the Harbor Freight model saves lots of money on the larger jig, and is better made. As you can guess, a standard trigger clamp is NOT a recommended alternative to a more powerful face clamp. Last update on 2022-07-21 at 13:54 / Images from Amazon. And an almost must-have for a serious DIYer thats building or fixing furniture. But to prevent your projects from failing a few years down the road the extra spent now is worth it later. See a detailed tutorial of how to use the Kreg 320 here. But these are a great purchase, regardless, and have many uses in a shop beyond just pocket hole clamping during drilling and screwing. It can only help you make pocket holes in the most common thickness materials. Plus Menards has a sale this week where you get the free clamp to go along with it. Anikas DIY Life is not liable in any way for injury or loss (whether physical, emotional, monetary or any other kind of loss) resulting from any inspiration, ideas, directions or information gained from this website.I am NOT a professional.

Hi! I use my Kreg-Min Pocket Hole Jig quite often but I always forget the settings for different wood thicknesses so I made this little table ( :) Which one did you decide to go with? Just wondering if you've ever used the metal jig from Harbor Freight. It is only $15 and in my opinion well worth the investment.

But lastly, a machine is a higher end professional unit that makes high volumes of pocket holes and is often free-standing like a shaper or industrial planer. And Massca is a top woodworking brand with bits and accessories that you can use with some of their more advanced jigs. 3 It is filled with tutorials about pocket holejigs, pocket holejoints, and lots more information.

As an upgrade to a jig, this pocket hole machine will make quick work of your joinery. It works well. Harbor Freight Jig works well. However, this does not impact our recommendations. Lets take a look at a few alternatives to a jig to speed your joinery projects. ), ( The micro drill guide helps create smaller pocket holes by about 25% and works for thick material or very narrow boards. ), ( At first glance this should be easy because there cant be more than a few varieties. 10 Please read my. There is a lot of blue in the pocket hole jig industry and its due to Kreg being a major player in the space. I discussed a couple of right angle clamps that I think are good in a recent article on making square cuts with a circular saw Those clamps don't go in the pocket holes and both can be used for making drawer boxes. And, did you know common woods like red oak have dramatic differences in grain: So why does that matter? The Kreg320 is a perfect beginner pocket hole jig especially if you want to try your hands at pocket holes without committing to it. If you build with large sheets or panels, you want to get a jig that can be easily clamped to them and moved around. So, in this section well explore a few accessories youll want to at least consider. But, features like ease of bit change, electronic speed control, and a wide range of speed adjustment are also required. Will start with your recommendation of the JR. In this section well get specific on the best pocket hole jig for your needs. Well, based on my use and research I have found over 18 different variations of pocket hole jigs that range from single hole jigs for under $20 up to $500 pocket jig workstations that are built for industrial use. (5) Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc, or its affiliates. ), ( Subscribe to my newsletter to get the latest updates to your inbox. Thanks Tom! But, variations in wood require consideration for the thread design to ensure the best fit: While screw head design isnt always a first (or even second) thought for woodworking projects it does matter. In this guide learn how a few minutes time will have your bench upgraded from messy to tidy with easy to use products like: PEGBOARD ORGANIZERS: will quickly organize tools and parts. Signup for a FREE hardwood directory that organizes 300+ hardwood retailers across the USA. Here we are going to only focus on the most common models. I am Anika! You guessed it. With that, if youre not sure on options for a woodworking clamp check out our cabinet clamp guide. While you can use a router in a table without a lift, a lift will make your projects easier, faster and arguably improve quality. Can you do this with a standard jig? Third, the screw head design matters as a hardwood will require the screw head to match the contour of the hole (flat head, typically). When choosing a pocket hole jig it is worth understand they actually come in many variations: In February 2021 Kreg released a complete re-design of their popular pocket jigs.

Do you need to buy/use Kreg screws or can you recommend a less expensive and easier to find screws at Home Depot? One of the biggest concerns I have when using screws in hardwoods is breaking the screw. Take everything said about the 720 above, add on the features of the Kreg Docking Station, and you get the Pocket-Hole Jig 720PRO. So how do you compare the dozens of jigs available and decide whats best for you? Which makes for a tedious time when you factor in most kitchens have a dozen or more face frames. There are dozens of reasons to own a larger, fixed based jig and a portable jig. Judy Bennett. And thats where a pocket hole joinery system wins over on assembly time. Well, theres a jig for that. While the cost and portability of the 520P is appealing the dust collection with the 720P is equally desirable. With the Pocket-Hole Jig 720, Kreg went entirely back to the drawing board and came back with some great features. Last year Kreg Tools obsoleted its older K4 and K5 models. Make cabinets and furniture on a regular basis? And in a standard face frame with two doors and two drawers there are 14 holes. 6 This helps not only keep the workspace clean, it also creates clean pocket holes. Disclosures: (1) If you click a link on this site and buy something I will earn a commission. Once the holes have been drilled and the surfaces clamped a pocket hole screw is used to finish the joinery. Doesn't solve the clamping problem though. However, as you go up in models (and hence the price): Before we get into the details, there are a few factors you should consider so you can keep them in mind as you read through. 1 7 Lets start with the most basic question. However, it is also included with the Kreg720PRO package (explained below) and I would recommend getting that instead if you have the budget. The micro drill guide kit helps create smaller pocket holes by about 25% and works for great for thick material or very narrow boards. A full written article with concise information is below as well. In general, the more you spend on the Kreg Jig, the more efficient it is to use plus you get more features. Integrated toggle clamp to horizontally hold one piece of wood while the other is vertically clamped, Support for multiple holes at one for example two holes in a 2 face frame with one jig setting, Small format that allows it to fit almost anywhere you can insert a screw, Uses a simple clamp for securing to workpiece. In its place is a new series of jigs aimed at woodworkers of all levels. 5 Any larger project will quickly make your realize a jig like the K5 is best. Due to variations in wood thickness, hardwoods vs. softwoods, and even indoor vs. outdoor applications there are a variety of screws to choose from. 15 Or even waist-aprons for compact tool storage? ), ( If you are trying to choose between the Kreg 720 and the Kreg 520, and if you have the budget, I would recommend getting the Kreg 720 and the Kreg 320. Everyone does. ), ( So what makes for a classic jig? I am a neo hobbyist and was wondering which Kreg jig to buy and this article helped me arrive at a decision. Using micro-jigs and need plugs? Sometimes you need to Free woodworking plans for an open frame or enclosed 20U Server Rack for home or small office. Featuring 2 drill guides and a removable spacer, the 320 is the complete pocket hole solution for the woodworker on the go. Consider: A single pocket hole jig is a great, inexpensive way to dabble with this type of joinery. So what makes, While some woodworkers get by without one, a benchtop planer is usually a must for any woodworker. We may receive a commission when you use our affiliate links. 21 Then its possible a $100 jig is interesting but youve experienced the slowness a place, clamp, drill, clean and reset. (If you need something more than this, youll have to look at Kregs commercial machines). The best thing about pocket holes is that you can use them not only to build but also to repair older furniture. It can get overwhelming to anyone really fast.

And rather than stress about picking the perfect screw the best approach is grabbing a project kitof screws. With almost all the features of the Kreg this jig is a great option at a lower price. Its the ultimate solution for the efficient woodworker who makes a lot of pocket holes.

All you need are butt joints which are easy to cut even on a small budget. I have a full video talking about picking the Kreg Jig if you prefer watching. 4 You can send up to 4 telephone lines on one 4 pair cable that termi Everything you need to know to build drawer boxes for your woodworking projects in this drawer building tutorial. ), ( Pocket screw joinery is the best option for the do-it-yourselfer because pocket screws create very strong joints and don't require you to have a lot of special or expensive tools that you won't use frequently. I go into all the details of how the Kreg Jig works in this post. And thats where pocket hole plugs come into play to cover the hole left by the jig and the installed screw. Deciding on the best woodworking apron for your shop involves understanding types of fabric, your storage needs and use. Lastly, when pocket hole plugs are seen some applications using contrasting woods like maple and purpleheart to create a design and call attention to the joinery. First, Ive found hardware manufacturers suffer from some of the biggest issues with their improper choice of screws. These machines are expensive. BENCHTOP TOOL ORGANIZERS: The best cabinet hardware jigs are designed to be used for jobs of any size, are made from all metal components and are easy to use. Depending on the thickness of the material you have to either set the jig a little before or a little past the edge. Kreg Jig Alternative: Who Else Makes Pocket Hole Jigs? Its robust enough for bench work, but light enough to be portable. 2 square drive, 1-1/4 hp motor floor-standing electric, fully-automatic pocket hole boring, Flat step of drill bit ensures that bottom of pocket hole is perfectly flat, Hardened steel drill guide ensures consistent hole placement whether the, Simple design results in very fast drill bit changes, No need to worry about depths of holes and screw lengths, Fast and easy to cut for high volume jobs. Just starting out, not sure if this is your thing, repair furniture more than build: If you are a beginner, dont use pocket holes very often, or have limited space for your projects: If you are excited about woodworking and plan to take it up long term, plus have a workbench to use it. 8 9 Fortunately, all jigs provide an easy-to-use drill bit collar that can be set according to the wood thickness. Do you have a dedicated workbench where you can set up a jig? It includes: It is a little bit of an investment to get the docking station to upgrade your Kreg 520 jig. So for $40 I get the JR and a free $15 clamp!I will be building the DIY Server Rack from your site! ), ( I'm new to this, and your explanations are very helpful. Not to mention, these kits feature the best instructions, accessories and overall usability. But there are many factors you should consider before purchasing a Kreg Jig. Wed recommend one of Kregs Automaxx clamps. All Kreg Jigs do the same things make pocket holes. You should be able to use other screws though provided they meet the same specs as far as length and thread density. 11

The pocket hole jig enables this by providing a fixed-angle hole to be drilled using a specialty drill bit. First, will the project be indoors or outdoors. ), ( The Kreg520 is perfect for starter woodworkers It is easy to use with preset thicknesses and is also great to make lots of pocket holes efficiently. Subscribe . Of course. I never get tired of seeing and reading emails from readers who tell me that pocket holes have changed the way they felt about woodworking or rather they are no longer intimidated by it.
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