Interesting, the author didnt mention tuna rolls. Has anyone ever tried a Lum Dog. I now live in Virginia, and spent years buying Nissan HD rolls to bring home and freeze. The hinged buns with the split top do not a proper NE bun make. Some of the stores here oin Michigan have started carring the NewEngland rolls but they call them Coney Rolls. I love the new england hot rolls and red hotdogs from when i luved in Maine.

Saw this about New England Style Hot Dog buns on Facebook and it reminded me of when I was little. If you are going to eat a hot dog why omit the bun! Dunkin has five times the selection, plus tasty sandwiches and (for me) great iced lattes. heat and watch it closely. They might only make cakes and cookies, I do not know. I live in Colorado now and othing comes close :/. Growing up in Mass but living elsewhere since high school, I still cant think of hot dogs, lobster rolls or clam rolls without that perfect bun. Ive lived in 7states and traveled cross country 6 times and THE BEST onion rings was Millie Mitchells iat Lake Nipmunk in Massachusetts! There are a lot of things now found in the south. Last time I visited NE, no more Bessies after 45 years. Have website where you can order 18 Hot Dog Bun. I was born in New Hampshire and have moved to south after living 42 yrs in NH. Its the best Lobster Roll outside of New England I have ever had and I have had Lobster Rolls everywhere from coast to coast. I like my tuna to have onion and celery mix in it. Crust on top NOT on side. Beach plum (any location) hot dogs are THE BEST !!! Besides hot dogs the New England Style Hot Dog Rolls are great for tuna fish sandwich. !i live in Florida now, but in August Im in R.I. Get all my favorite eats! I served the hot dogs and rolls with my homemade Boston Baked beans. A 2013 Boston Globe article reported that the Maine-based bakery J.J. Nissen debuted the roll at the request of Howard Johnsons Restaurant, the Massachusetts-based roadside motel and restaurant chain giant that peppered the American landscape during the 1960s and 1970s. They are the best!!! Mom would drive us out there numerous Saturday nights. I grew up in Portland and now live in Minnesota. Anyone know If I can find them in Northern California? Town Talk. To add items, simply select the list you wish to add items to, shop the site and click the Add to List Icon in the top left of each item. For the clams, Ill just have to be satisfied with frozen, but Ill have the best buttered New England style buns ever. Captain Kidds in Redondo Beach makes one of the best New England Lobster roll using this roll. I ate this hotdog buns first time,last week. The hot dog was great but I could not buy a clam role as much as I loved them. Ppl thought it was the weirdest thing; theyd never seen them before.

Lobster rolls, subs, the style of Chinese all very unique to NE. You can butter and grill the sides and the breads slight sweetness goes great with hot dogs or spicy sausages. Google ordinary New England Style Hot Dog. Grill the roll in the frying pan then add tuna fish. Must be fairly new to the market down here. Dunks iced coffee and New England style hot dog rolls! Just curious. Kings Hawaiian Bread Hot Dog rolls are top split and are sold throughout the west. Wegmans has them too.

They ararent used to toasted rolls. Check the Internet for the number of Ohio Pepperidge Farm Bakeries. Being from Maine, this has greatly disappointed me. Pepperidge Farm sells top split rolls in Pennsylvania. You should talk to Gambinos bakery there in the New Orleans area. No way.

You must be signed in to add items to your cart. As for lobster, we found Capt. Moved from New England to San Francisco Bay area years ago. I guess most other people thought so too, because the Milford location closed after only a couple of years. Hey RI folksIm from MA, had Grandparents in NY & I remember drinking Autocrat coffee milk. When I go home to visit I ALWAYS have lobster rolls and Amatos Italian sandwichs. Well save whether it should be hot or cold lobster and if clam strips or bellies are better for future posts. Since the rolls came out, I bought them. Like everything else from home, you cant do any of it justice by explaining it but once someone experiences how much better everything is back there, they always get it. You can access your shopping list in the "My Account" dropdown menu. Im so glad someone sent this to me! They are all I buy. I have tried two different recipes and both are superior to the rolls around here! I just saw the Kings Hawaiian hot dog buns in my grocery store, and they are no longer making them in the New England Style format. Encinitas , Calif. Name your list something easy to remember like Aunt Marys Chili Ingredients OR Weekly Basics. No idea where he gets them and didnt think to ask. My wife is amused at how excited I get when I get my hands on these delicious reminders of my youth. Out in Phoenix nothing like it. Im a Virginian but love the New England buns (also for brats as a Packer fan). Thankfully we now have the latter down here, along with top split hot dog rolls. A specialty New England Hot Dog Bun Pan from USA Pans is all youll need. If there is a Publix supermarket they are now carrying them , made by Pepridge Farms. Hi Pam, Where in the South are you? Lobster West! I sure do remember both New England hot dog rolls and Howard Johnsons. where I lived for most of my life. Hot dogs. No way. Dagnabit! Can not get The New England buns in Illinois yet found an mfg. Where can I buy New ngland hot dog buns? I am a native of Pepperell, MA, and Nashua was the place to shop, eat out, and movie dates. I remember the hojos at the 4 corners in Woburn Ma. San Diego Ca, go to Encinitas Ca to Lobster West NE lobster rolls with NE buns, Love it everyone I have taken there goes back. Was very happy when I found this little place in the Lumberyard center several yrs ago.People I have told about it have returned many times. I found NE style hot dog buns in Ohio, made by Nickles Bakery, which apparently operates only in Ohio and Western PA. Here, were featuring a package of J.J. Nissen rolls, but youll find several brands of top-load rolls in any New England grocery store, from Country Kitchen to Pepperidge Farm. They recently opened a place in Coronardo closer to downtown SD. Not from JJ Nissen, but still good. Hi Adam! I have to say, they seemed to me to be not much different than any other glazed donut. Maybe I should ask? What idiot invented the side sliced bun (with the slice off center to boot)? I live in Arizona. When I was a kid, we just used a slice of whole wheat bread folded in half. J.J. Nissen New England Frankfurt Rolls, a classic brand of the New England hot dog bun. As a kid growing up in CT, we often went to HoJos for Sunday meal and their fried clam strips were a favorite. Pepperidge Farm has factories in Ohio, so East Tennesseeans should be able to get them. That makes a huge difference in breadmaking! Then add 1 to 2 sugar (20 oz coffee /10 oz sugar) lots cheaper and is very good , try it. My earliest recollection of the New England split top buns was at Howard Johnsons. Of course, they should be called New England hot dog buns! I miss them, good pulled pork barbeque and properly brewed ice tea. Living in CO and food distributor shipped this style bun in place of the standard for 2 weeks. from MA, have found NE style split top rolls at Meijer and Kroger in Louisville, KY.only way to eat hot dogs. Nary a split bun to be found outside of New England! Lucky for her it was well prior to security checks! Create a list for items you plan to reorder together regularly. I havent seen a proper hot dog bun since leaving NE 25 years ago. Do try the Walmart or possibly the Piggly Wiggly?? Is that typical of NE or just a quirky fix in Camden. thank you for the nice regional history lesson. Amartos of Portland uses the New England style roll for their famous Italian sub sandwiches . Loaded up with tartar sauce! I only dicovered the top split roll after I got married and moved to a coastal fishing community. I wish they had New England Hot Dog Rolls out here in Utah. I plan on buying them on line and I will also get my LaBrees donuts and Moxie. There was a little joint that prepared hot dogs floating in hot peanut oil. They have this marshmallow creme stuff, but trust me it aint Fluff. We lived in Bangor ME from 1961 through 1966, when we stationed at DOW AFB. Order online. If it wasnt for the cold, snow, sleet, ice and the long winters I would move back to Ma.

Try Emeril Lagasses restaurants as well. I occasionally buy them online from for a treat. Let us know! Im a New England native who finds himself in Springfield IL. Now does any one remember sandwich spread, or Hydrox cookies were my all time favorite. We have had these for years here in New Brunswick Canada, mostly for lobster rolls and hot dogs. Having a tough time of making it in Connecticut. And a way to get Hood eggnog here in the south too.

Being a Massachusion (sp?) Great memories. And it has to be whole bellied fried clams on a New England top split toasted bun. HoJos. Hi thereWalmart has them in retail stores, maybe in your area too. In Florida they are called top-sliced buns. I was born and bred in Ma and remember all the NE foods and the hotdog rolls. Thank you for the history of this roll and the recipe. (Now clam rolls at Bessies in Wareham were devine! Finally I found split top at Wegmans. Also Red Snapper long hot dogs are the type of hot dogs youd find in long buns in the north east.

I was in Camden, Maine maybe 5 years ago. There are new england style hot dogs in Tempe here What is the problem, the last time I checked I still lived in the United States. On Long Island, most Stop & Shop stores sell their own brand of New England Style Hot Dog Rolls. We just cut them from the top and butter the sides in a pan. Where in Or around Tamaqua Pa can we get them?

I now live in Utah. Cant find top-split hotdog buns in San Diego (where I now live) or bellied fried clams! Oh the memories and yes, these buns are the best. Seriously, I spent my whole life hating yeast donuts because they were always dry and bland. We are from CT and the rolls here are terrible. . love your hot dog bunsbut hate the top slicing! I do know they dont make Hydrox any more, but the Sandwich spread cant seem to find it. Ill say it now and Ill say it again when will the south learn what a good hot dog roll is! Where buy these rolls? Memories of my Mum making hot dogs and beans on Saturday nights or Tuna salad in the buns during the week. I too am from Rhode Islandborn and raised and then moved to Florida eleven years ago and miss a number of things that are not here in Florida. Funnythe little things that you miss. My mouth is watering for a hot dog as we speak.

Me thinks I may just learn how to make my own. I highly suggest purchasing the pan and making your own! Adam, do you know where they originally came from? Family ordered out and brought home. on the sides of the hot dog rolls before toasting or grilling in a fry pan on med. My husband was born in East Tennessee so this is where we live. New England hot dog buns! We used to go there of Friday nights after dances to get a bite. The Difference Between a Milkshake and a Frappe, Common Crackers | New Englands Classic Cracker, Red Snapper Hot Dogs | Maines Favorite Home-Grilled Dog,,,,, Yankee Magazines Ultimate Guide to Autumn in New England, Yankee Magazines Ultimate New England Winter Guide, Yankee Magazines Ultimate New England Summer Guide, 63 Reasons Why We Love the Cape & Islands. But I cannot see them missing out on breads and rolls for mid-westerners!! Only way to eat a dog! Not on the typical rotating devices seen in other parts of the country. Yes, way, Caroline. Dont confused these with top-sliced hot dog buns. Look for the store brand in the bread aisle. I got me a hankering but, am having a hard time locating these close byany ideas? Triple brew your coffee with new grounds each time you put the coffee through. Funny enough, it was actually fried clams (not hot dogs) that led to the top-sliced rolls creation sometime in the 1940s. If they dont have them speak to the bread manager and I am sure that they will have them for you soon. It sounded awful to me until I tried it. I am from ME and MA, but have lived in FL and now in WI. But, all is good..moving back to NE very soon! Every time I go back to NH I buy a few packages. Theres no better New England bun than the New England hot dog bun. Why waste a bun for that ??? I bought a package when I was on holiday in Massachusetts (my home state). Grilled on both sides with butter = a classic base for clams, dogs, or lobstah. I am retired and spend six months a year in Florida and I whine the entire time I am there about their lousy hot doll rolls!! Check out Kings Hawaiian. Krogers sells these as Coney Rolls the ONLY buns/rolls I will buy for my hot dogs or the occasional lobster salad roll!!! Apparently I live in a donut desert, because when Krispy Kreme first opened in my area, it was the first time in my life that I ever had a glazed yeast donut that was so fluffy and moist and tasty. Not available in my supermarkets, such as Shaws. Publix Supermarkets have hot dog buns in their bakery that are unsliced. Those have rounded sides, not easy to get that buttery, grilled effect, and they dont stand well when filled with lobster/clams/shrimp, etc. Any port in a storm I guess. Would have been her 91st birthday today.. sigh. Yes King Hawaiian company was making a great hot dog bun and here in California we got one summer season of them and then like magic they were gone.

Husband likes the NE style best and I go for the more versatile roll over ones. I live in the Boston area and I never realized that something a simple as hot dog rolls would be considered unique. my sister would send me top sliced hot dog rolls when I lived in Florida, and when I was home I would always buy 5lbs of Kayem franks to bring back with me.. Then I read the box and realized theyre from home. From Mass and Maine. Used to love the hotdogs from HoJosnothing better than buttered toasted buns! Wouldnt use any other. Their Sandwich White is incredibly yummy. Hopefully, all the Publix grocery store bakeries in Florida sell the unsliced buns. 2022 The Fred W. Albrecht Grocery Company All Rights Reserved, King's Hawaiian Original Hawaiian Sweet Rolls, Mission Tortillas Wraps, Flour, Carb Balance, Pepperidge Farm Hamburger Buns, Sesame Topped, Wonder Hot Dog Buns, Enriched, Classic, Extra Soft, King's Hawaiian Hawaiian Sweet Hamburger Buns, Pepperidge Farm Hamburger Buns, Soft White, Daves Killer Bread Bread, Organic, 21 Whole Grain and Seeds, Thin-Sliced, Mission Tortilla Wraps, Super Soft, Burrito, Daves Killer Bread Bread, Organic, 21 Whole Grain and Seeds, Canyon Bakehouse Bread, Gluten Free, Country White, Brownberry Sandwich Thins, Multigrain, Pre-Sliced Rolls, Pepperidge Farm Hot Dog Buns, Sweet & Soft, Top Sliced, Daves Killer Bread Bread, Organic, Good Seed, Thin-Sliced, Mission Tortilla Wraps, Super Soft, Soft Taco, Mission Tortilla Wraps, Carb Balance, Spinach Herb, Natures Own Bread, Multigrain, Thick Sliced, Daves Killer Bread Bread, Organic, White Bread Done Right, Canyon Bakehouse Bread, Gluten Free, Sweet, Hawaiian, Mission Tortillas Wraps, Whole Wheat, Original, Schwebel's Sausage & Brat Rolls, Tailgate, Pepperidge Farm Hamburger Buns, Onion with Poppy Seeds, Pepperidge Farm Bread, Brown Sugar Cinnamon, Thick Slice, King's Hawaiian Hawaiian Sweet Mini Sub Rolls, Mission Tortillas, Yellow Corn, Low Fat, Extra Thin, Super Soft, Natures Own Bread, Soft & Sweet, Thick Sliced, Brioche Style, Mission Tortilla Wraps, Gluten Free, Original, Pepperidge Farm Hamburger Buns, 100% Whole Wheat, Pepperidge Farm Hoagie Rolls, Soft White with Sesame Seeds, Brownberry Brownberry Country Potato Hamburger Bun 8 Ct 16 Oz, Daves Killer Bread Bread, Organic, White Bread Done Right, Thin-Sliced, Pepperidge Farm Hamburger Buns, Golden Potato, King's Hawaiian Hawaiian Sweet Hot Dog Buns, Cinnabon Bread, Cinnamon with Cinnamon Bursts, Daves Killer Bread Bread, Organic, Sprouted Whole Grains, Thin-Sliced, Brownberry Sandwich Thins, Honey Wheat, Pre-Sliced, Daves Killer Bread Bread, Organic, Good Seed.

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