I am sorry for your confusion but southern is not a class.

The civil war wasnt about slavery, it was about individual state rights. coke is fine , too. Dont Tread on Me PS. Also All yall!!! This is the other Southern dialect, sometimes perceived as more guttural. Born and raised in rural Alabama. I STRONGLY SUGGEST NONE OF YOU VENTURE NORTH, ESPECIALLY TO CHICAGO. Yea. Its now 2015..lets put the past away! That wasnt enough, so I went ahead to Medical Off like a herd of turtles! **THATS**!! PoBoys are really defined by their good, long crusty bread. In the meantime, theres my other teamor at least my other NYC Major League Baseball teamthe Mets! I am very proud of my Southern heritage. And in Charleston, SC, where I spent half of my life (born in SC too), almost NONE of these things are true (except the sweet tea). What's the former Blockbuster in your town now? If you continue with this browser, you may see unexpected results. I usually dont talk Southern, though. You need to go back to school, and take a history lesson. Fl seems like an odd mash of southern, New York Jew, and Cuba lol. Being born in the south and raised, I must say the North is superior in every way. By the way, Its called The War Between The States, for obvious reasons. Yeah. Its comments like yours that make me feel sorry for you. Its her nice way of telling you to put on your grown up pants and deal with it. I am proud of the growth of our state. Taint/ contraction, joining of two words, that aint I beat them so badly if they would even fight me ( took them to the wood shed). roots for god dam Yankees! We are stronger together. My parents were the ones who educated me on the faux myth of Southern hospitality. A lot of Southerners have a bad habit of giving lip service for things they have no intention of doing, an example would be, come on over sometimes for dinner, and yet they have no intention of ever actually inviting you to their house for dinner. Im from CA, originally Yankee stock, and my wife is from Memphis. Every year more and more northerners come down here and never return back home. Alot of southerners have never even left the south and I think that has a lot to do with it. So maybe some of these words are simply old American terms that survived more in the South (and in a few northern families like mine who have deep roots here). So my search continues. Haha. Its my first choice. Like saying Hows it goin?. Heres a couple sayins used in my family: be surprised how many Southerners arent racist! The south is weak, fat, and soft. Im not trying to condemn anyone at all. Most place me from Boston. No axe to grind- No real opinion Youll need these vocabulary words to understand who Southerners are talking about. Next time ask. Well, mostly. Im from Georgia and grew up in Munford Alabama(a farm town look it up! i say i am plan out kuntry i dont say country i say kuntry, It would be chevys bad GMC bc Ford aint worth a crap just so you know Im from Pittsburgh and we say sweeper and buggy all the time and Ive never heard anyone else call it that, yankees need to stop messing with us south is better so yall damn yankies need to shut up south rules. I live in Wisconsin right now. are some of the roots if not THE roots of the Southern accent. )Coca-Cola=Atlanta Every individual I can think of died of alcoholism though. Have to admit I have met some real decent Southern folk, who are indeed the salt of the earth, but Ive met a lot more who fit into the former category. Sutumn, Whether someone has eaten too much or is ready to dine, Southerners definitely enjoy chatting about food. Also, to those above the Mason-Dixon: Please dont continue to fool yourselves into thinking your ancestors had nothing to do with slavery. They enjoy putting us down. I will say we talk slow and try to speed Im from Wisconsin. Highest rate of homosexuality in the south. We are looking forward to getting away from the self-centeredness and rudeness up here. Mama is another to point out. The Civil War was more political than any consideration for the rights of slaves, including those in the Northern States. So get your history right. I usually adress a group by saying you guys or you all I have in times used yall. You get some ice. I rather not be A yankee. The social class of a person does not determine, if a person will have southern grammar or not. We never say that. It comes up. 4. but in these parts pepsi is king, A lot of this just sounds like Northern stereotypes. Any idiot who fights Darwinism (adapting to the time) is slowing us down. Southern Sunday lunch is a weekly function to attend. Needless to say, weve taken our NC Appalachia accent up a notch just for spite. Also, on the homosexual thing, wow. I find reading these posts very sad. To the southern side of yall, i say, ey bo. -- Laura Hibbs, "Show respect for everyone, whether or not they 'deserve' it. People from there are soooo sooo dumb. BTW, I would say the above *EVEN IF* **I**!! Great people exist in all these places. Then I might detail the fallacy of relying on prejudices and uninformed stereotypes to categorize any human being or their culture. Its a term of endearment, practically, here. AGAIN. Elizabeth, You hear this accent amongst Appalachian natives, Texans, Tennesseeans and many others. Shelbyville is pronounced Shovelvull. Steve, I never heard anyone from here saying you all. after saying it a few times just now, it dont even sound right. I meant to click the Reply button immediately below this one to post this comment, but if Texasand Oklahoma, for that matterare in the Midwest, Louisiana and New Mexico are in the Midwest. He is from New England, Massachusetts to be exact. The South does not have exclusivity on any of these. If they stay in America, they ar still family, but ar counted as outcasts to their family and ad treated differently with less respect.Becus thay ar leevin centuries of family cultures. Thank yall You supposedly beat up some Neo-Nazi Skins and no body likes them anyways. My family is from Tennessee and Kentucky, mamaw and papaw spoke in the most beautiful twangy tone Id ever heard. I do use few southern terms and do not have a strong accent. Course, I was a cute little whippersnapper gal too. Especially the northern part where these two cities are. They want to change us. Hence, not only South Louisiana being more heavily Catholic, but also the French and/or Louisiana French Creole word for, Im assuming, godfather.. Not everyone that lives in the south is like that though. Also, sweetkins, we would never throw just in front of the verb when using it to mean very or completely as you are in that, ummm, sentence. This author also forgot youns. Bless ur heart sweet heart have a swift and speedy trip back up to yank land. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr was not obese, definitely not racist or stupid. Say youre from the north then go down south and stay there and adopt the southern culture and all that what would you be considered. Why do a lot of Southerners say thew instead of through? I always drop the g off of words ending in ing. So the topic was Words Only Southerners Say, right? ; look at a map of the United States and discover *THAT* for **YOURSELF**!! Ohio most certainly is Yankee. A remote control? I hadnt noticed all the prejudice against northerners, but this is probably because I grew up outside of Shreveport and Bossier, and the regular cycle of people coming in due to the air force base probably got everyone used to a variety. You bible thumping products of incest. I love the South, but I know theres just as many ignorant folks down here as up there. Thank you to the staff at Mansion On Forsyth Park where I lived and all of the families playing and couples leaning in and children running free and volleyball players spiking and girls playing cards on a lovely day and dogs and dogs and dogs and more dogs playing in Forsyth park and the gorgeous trees and my favorite, the Japanese magnolia that bloomed during my stay. With an exception of some ancestors living in Illinois during the 1800s, my family has been strictly in the south for 300 to 400 years depending on the line, and I havent heard of half of the southern words mentioned. The south is my homeland;beautiful, cultural, and damn does the air smell better than the industrial bullshit and not to mention the blasphemist northerners up here. I was always in either Florida or Georgia when I was growing up. The south is weak, fat, and soft. THEY DRIVE IN THE LEFT LANE AT 35MPH. Maybe only the retched southern Females are attracted to that hideous personality you just clearly advertised . Caps are shouting and you wouldnt want people to think you are an emo. That was my best memory of being surrounded by southern uneducated rednecks, Do what again? These Southern slang words just dont work less spoken with a southern drawl. My eighth grade teacher from East Tennessee said she was twelve years old before she learned that damn Yankee was two words. Im from Georgia, and it wasnt until I moved up to north Georgia for university that I ever heard anyone say you guys. I was born and raised saying yall, and to me you guys just sounds harsh on the ears. Someone done walked over my grave used after a shiver or cold chill. How is sista (sister) correctly spelled.? We ask what in the cattywampus youre on about, and were often discombobulated by a good many things. Yeah Savannah is so far down there from North Carolina. in eastern nc we LOVE our pepsi and ask for it by name. NEWS FLASH SOUTHERN MORONS!!!!! Also, people from new Orleans really hate it when people say nawlins. As mentioned above, Marci needs to not only go back to school and take a history lesson, but also a geography lesson. And the only reason we lost the war is because yalls generals had no care for the life that was pouring into their states as immigrants. Brantley gilbert said it country must be country wide. Yankees rule, btw lets look at some statistics lowest education level, highest illiteracy, highest obesity, highest racism, lowest income, lowest rate of innovation, highest rate of unemployment, highest rate of welfare, highest rate of inbreeding, worst infrastructure, highest rate of ignorance, yup you guessed it all in the south. It just a part of life. Not all Southerners are narrow-minded, *either*! My husband and I were born and raised in Massachusetts and have always said, dumb as a box of rocks. In fact, in looking over the list of southern expressions, I see several that I grew up with as a child in Massachusetts! What light through yonder window breaks Ive also heard many British people Ive encountered say reckon. ESPECIALLY SINCE THEY WON THE NLCS AND ARE GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES! Another saying that I remembered after returning to the South, the Sweat is running down my back, thru my crack. I am sorry that they are that way. Idk, maybe cuz my granny, despite being a northern lady, speaks like a southerner and lives in the south during the winter months. And you call US arrogant? Its crazy!! caddywonked: a more fun way to say sideways. Yankees apparently cant spell a lick either, bless their little hearts, Im not replying too u im just saying are we gonna take her calling us dumb yankees when shes a Yankee too and my favorite southern word is yall i live on the north and i also drop the g on many words, Ha! if by arrogant, you mean awesome, well, my dear..youre right! Ive heard some Northerners who even say yall in the countryside. That is true but you have to seem happy even if you are not. Happier than a puppy with two peckers. current Worldwide Caution Public Announcement, the last minute marrakech Middle East. I appeal to anyone who reads comments on this site. Have you ever heard of a man named Robert E. Lee? As for yall, its singular. Im also a half African American woman, and I havent anything against any race. Thank you for sharing your Words Only Southerners Say #LoveTheSouth. As said by one of our New York friends I could shout a parade of Yankee-style expletives in your face and it wouldnt be nearly as bitchy as bless your heart.. I hate you all and I cant wait to get the hell out of here. Preserving the Union vs. States Rights! I know they dont accept concealed carry permits from Alabama but NC does. Its not just what you say, its how you say it. You can see 22 of the unspoken rules below, and you can read all of the responses on our Facebook page. We are stronger,faster, more intelligent and richer. Making fun of us is their way to boost their egos. Maam, that was a fine read. (That school is literally in the same neighborhood as the Centers for Disease Control, by the way! Have a great day! Believe it or not, we dont all parade around in our Ford F1-50s with Confederate flags hanging off the ends. Smiling and talking to someone while you are in line is also acceptable, one never knows when a stranger will become a friend. But rest assured, Aric, you made lots of other readers think less of our fellow southerners. Here in north Alabama, we say nem. I live in Ga too, heard and say all them words put in that little essay thing. Always be courteous while driving. There are a lot of words mentioned above that I use or have heard, like caddywompus and dagnapit but some of them Ive never heard. My favorite Nawtherners are the Snow Birdsthe come and spend there money and know when they have outstayed there welcome!. That phrase puts us on the defensive..old ways are hard to change. I was up there for many years and only found one family whose grandparents were native to Michigan. ), and Minnesota. leader of a popular news magazine, is now Moroccos Southern Province, where the Any time I ask which is where, I get no straight answers. With people than others. The 9% are the average. Look, I do not understand why you have a problem with the south. Southerners once again proving they are, in fact, dumber than a box of rocks. LOVE the Southern expression, Ill carry you there!!! We love our history and most of us will defend it to the death, but I hope you make some lifelong friends here! Secondly, neither of the latter two is a Western state, because the West actually BEGINS!! In the South, in the mid 20th century, in Atlanta, we called them cocolas..

With that said, no where above Virginia is considered part of the South. Lets go back to science for a second. Knowledge does not necessarily equal intelligence or wisdom. Ga,miss., la, txt, 8th,sc,are. My southern love has no respect for anything other than my ancestral histories and pride in the morality and tenacity of what it took in character to settle untamed wilderness while maintaining a civil tradition you and those blights of humanity who believe some shameful war has any bearing on us and our obligation to create a better future for all do not have. We might otta gather up and bring some food over to her house in case the stroke gets worst. Go on half-cocked- Only know half of it Yall- You all, you guys Just summin to chew over. Southerners are also infamous for operating shady businesses and ripping people off. My family uses that saying all the time and were from Pennsylvania.then again my family uses ALOT of southern saying. MD has always been sorta southernish or southern lite. Pop comes in bottles and cans while soda comes from a fountain. Im in va beach and My friend in nola had the randazzos king cake guy refuse to sell me a cake til i pronounced pecan correctly lol. What about people saying winda or winder, instead of window? We use the words yonder and reckon but what a lot of people dont realize is that these two words were not made up by Southerners. Bless your hearts meaning is largely based on circumstance. Whatcha no good? 5 Tips for Pretty Southern Style, Sh%t Southern Women Say Episode 6 Our Favorite Southern Sayings |, A Converted Yankees Guide to Dixie Survival |, Words Southern Women Say | Pretty Southern. Mostly. Well you all know what Im trying to say here. Yankee, on a southern page? You can see the homes on Google Street View here. til you get home. We arent the racist u think, some are but thats not just south and not just black n white. Another thing, notice how Ive been using previous grammar the entire time? No one likes you losers you should all move your dumb conservative bible thumping inbred racist asses to China, where you belong. Waving to your neighbor, hugging ppl actually caring even if it means less for you. oed dictionary proper pronunciation english names phonology rhythm syllables intonation stress winter chinese season word flake snow

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