And if one glowing totem wasnt enough, there was a second stationed at the entrance to The Naturalist, the lobby bar and cafe where I was headed to sample the burger. Please note our food may contain and/or share equipment with Soy, Wheat, and Nuts.Get more information on Impossible Foods. No, make that great.. Espresso drinks fuel the clientele from 7 a.m. onwards most days, and breakfast is followed by salads and sandwiches, seguing into cocktails for the happy hour and early-evening crowd. Then, after a bit of Googling was there a famous Jamaican road involved in the name of this food truck turned brick and mortar? I left thinking the Impossible patty was tricky to work with texturally, the flavor vague. On display are fissured conchas sparkling with pink sugar, a nod to the Latino roots of the Near Northside.

This was not the cozy joint I had been expecting when I started out for the Hippo Burgers that I calculated oh, so wrongly was closest to my house. Life is full of surprises, and one of them is the towering Nickel Burger at The Nickel Sandwich Grill, a classic burger-and-fried-food stand in the Fifth Ward. Lankfords Grocery & Market is more than just a storefront. And its the second futuristic medical robot I have encountered while dining out in the past few weeks. Well, here was his son, who told me Anestis often dropped by Hangar Kitchen near closing time; which explained the lavish, spectacularly fresh Greek salad I had spotted on the restaurants online menu and ordered on a whim. I had just planted a whopping bite into a house cheeseburger that immediately leaped into my Houston pantheon. A post shared by Christians Tailgate (@christians_tailgate).

Its got almonds, cranberries, mozzarella, and other hearty vegetarian ingredients. Originally, the foray wasnt supposed to be about a $5 burger, that vanishingly rare chimera of American life. For a vegetarian option, try the Veggie Burger. The limit does not exist.This former burger pop-up and Underground Hall purveyor, now in its own brick-and-mortar out near George Bush Park, is slinging out some of the crustiest smash patties around. Prices for beef and everything else have climbed lately, so Ive had to make some mental adjustments.

I still thought about its supernal taramasalata wondered about Anestis when I drove by the storefront. Especially since the $13.50 American Burger, a basic model featuring American cheese, dill pickles and red onions on a brioche bun, cost just eight bucks during the Happy Hour that runs Tuesday through Friday from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. During the hour and a half I was there, none of the guests I saw entering was masked, either. The all-day cafe near the soccer stadium sits amid the clusters of midrise condos that have sprouted up in EaDo in recent years. With seven years experience in the restaurant industry as a cook, server, bartender, and more, he is deeply passionate about intertwining his fondness for food with his love of language. The gravy fries are a sure-fire hit, as well.How to book: Stop by for first come, first served seating or order online for take-out (Downtown, Eldridge). Highly suggest the burgers and try all the yummore, We are a local neighborhood steakhouse that, unlike larger chains, caters to what our nearby residents desire in their restaurants. In the end, he crowned this long-running bayside institutions perfectly peppery, pristinely crusted, and beautifully smashed patty the winner. By 2019, Impossible Burger was starting to go mainstream. Perfect for a Jamaican food truck, am I right? Lest my dedication to Burger Friday be in question, let it be known that this week I drove 30 miles in a serious rainstorm to check out a $5 burger. A post shared by Catherine | Houston Food Blog (@eatingwithcatherine). By the exceptional neatness and cleanliness of its setting, including the convenience store end of the space it shares.

That was my view and I had to pinch myself at my luck from a high-top table on the rooftop dining terrace at Urban Eats, a market and bistro combo on the Washington Corridor. Its also where I spied my Pico Burger. Hilal even has a Secret Menu thats printed right out, so that its not really a secret at all, which cracks me up. Excited yips issued from the small dog section of the dog park next to Love Shack, and above the fence line, I could see furry bodies hurtling up and down the artificial green hills as their caregivers looked on. They were bent over said laptops, staring intently at smartphones, working on projects in groups of two or three, ensconced regally on a balcony, up where pristine white air ducts and trusswork reigned. This week I ate a halal burger dressed in jalapeo ranch, while enclosed in a booth that looked like my own miniature Conestoga covered wagon. Overall the price was still very reasonable and the meal was tasty and filling.".

It wasnt just that I had taken a bite, then two, then three of an exceptional burger made by this six-month old venture alongside Hobby Airport, and that it had splooshed forth a the cheerful amalgam of mayo, mustard, ketchup and barbecue sauce that goes into the house sauce. The El Diablo burger had my tastebuds burning from the intense habanero and pepper jack cheese, but I recommend it. Each burger is a blend of short ribs and skirt steak directly from a distributor in New York. The team at Restaurant Clicks is made up of foodies, food bloggers, and dining enthusiasts from across the country. It's also a very chill vibemore, BurgersAmerican (Traditional)Hot Dogs$$Galleria/Uptown, We only had burgers and tots but every part of our experience was amazing. Its part of a nationwide phenomenon that began at New York Citys Boilermaker bar in 2015. The burger bars second location over in Montrose brought with it house favorites like loaded tots, fried pickles, and shakes, plus features like late-night only food and drink specials (which that signature FM Burger is a part of, thankfully).

Beside me in the passenger seat, I had duck-fat fries and a flock of Francophiliac takeout items to get me through the weekend. local news and culture, Gwendolyn Knapp Not so long ago, a $16 price tag seemed like the upper end of the category I think of as chef burgers. Those are the ones with carefully sourced beef, often locally or regionally raised; and fancy-ish trimmings, often made in-house; and a name-brand pedigree attached. There are several other burger options on the menu, rife with add-ons and sides to make your meal as hearty as you want it. My day, not to mention my 30-mile round trip, had gone poorly. Theres high-speed Wi-Fi, semi-secluded cubbyholes that look like library carrels, plus dedicated meeting rooms. Come along and see what awaited me at this Sugar Land hangout. Make sure you leave us a comment and well check it out! It was a natural outgrowth of owner Joey Paffels Cadenza coffee-roasting business next door, and they serve a roster of pour-overs and espresso drinks from early in the morning until 5 p.m., when they switch over to their dinner menu. 1420 Edwards St, Houston, TX 77007Phone: 713-227-4893Visit Website, A post shared by Stantons City Bites (@stantonscitybites). And the patio setup is sweet, with lots of space and Day of the Dead banners, umbrella-shaded tables and an assortment of big-screen TVs. Heres just a taste of what makes Burger Friday worth celebrating in Houston. Pon di road turns out to be U.K.-born Island slang for on the road, with shades of perpetual work and motion. But there were onion rings on the menu, and the fried fish fillets looked promising, and I could snag some fried rice for breakfast at home. Hubcap Grill has something for you.

(Chango means monkey in Spanish, of course.). I was drawn to Big Ben Tavern in Sugar Land, near the manicured lakeside precincts of Telfair, by the promise of wild-sounding Desi ideas from chef Kaliamat Kallatt. Go traditionalist with The Classic, dressed simply with the usual suspects (AKA LTO) and sassy sauce, a mind-blowingly good combo of mayo, mustard, and horseradish that kicks that beef into gear. It was only 30 minutes after the Post Houston food hall, newly opened in the revamped Barbara Jordan Post Office downtown, had opened its doors on Sunday. I tried my hand at the monster burger, including bacon, cheese, monster sauce, pickles, and onions. Embodying a hybrid Japanese-American philosophy, burger-chan lets you customize your sandwich and offers not only Asian flavors but classic options as well. 5353 W Alabama St Suite 110, Houston, TX 77056Phone: 832-408-0860Visit Website, A post shared by burger-chan (@burgerchanhtx). Whatever you pick, dont make the mistake of forgetting the tots.How to book: Stop by for first come, first served seating. There is nothing like the RC Ranch Burger from Killens Burgers. His background is with upscale hotels (Ritz-Carlton in Florida, the Valencia Group in San Antonio), and as founding chef and managing partner of Number 13 steak and seafood house in Galveston. My partner in crime dined on a fabulous porcini-crusted hanger steak, served precisely medium rare on a lively tumble of romesco sauce, roasted cauliflower and deeply caramelized onion. But not curious enough to venture inside that grim outer wall, enlivened only by stick-on letters in red and blue touting Hamburgers and Seafood.. Provide our Amazing Team a Living Wage, Insurance Options, a Safe Work Environment and Create Career Opportunity. Fat blueberries wink from lemon muffins; cinnamon rolls curl and hulk, as latterday cinnamon rolls tend to do; and an array of oversized cookies some of them vegan, a recurring option here gleams in glassine envelopes. If you are looking for a burger loaded with cheese and bacon, knock yourself out. As I surveyed Good Vibes extensive draft list and surprisingly interesting menu (oysters Rockefeller! But mostly I just wanted to eat 93 Tils fried chicken sandwich again. Together theyve fashioned an opening menu that offers everything from a classic barbecue feed to a sit-down dinner experience, complete with a smartly chosen wine list. Whether you are looking for an elaborate venue or a cozy restaurant, there is something here for you. I realize this is, nominally, a burger column.

But two giant swamp coolers blasted away on the patio, while a flock of ceiling fans churned overhead, and I felt safe-ish and surprisingly comfortable looking out at the tropical greenery. A burger involves beef, and Im not gonna argue about that. Come along for the ride! It popped up as an option for lunch delivery, and I was happy to give it a try. Hippo occupied a corner slot of a rectangular structure that also housed a big taqueria and convenience store, with many gas pumps out front and a weighing scale in back. Kenny & Ziggys New York Delicatessen receives a shipment of fresh burgers every day, and each burger has unique and bold seasonings. You can exchange the beef patty for a bison patty for a bolder, unique flavor. I was disconsolate.

And the quest never ends. They are swaddled in special aqua-green paper wrappings, the better to underscore the notion that eating them is helpful to the planet compared to beef production, anyway. The chalkboard menu in front of the walk-up ordering window has all the standards for the genre: the burgers and fries, the fried catfish and shrimp and chicken.

The grilled onions paired well with the sauteed mushrooms and Swiss cheese. Key West Time burbled on the sound system. If you work downtown a good lunch alternative to the burger and fries or huge, Buca di Beppo is probably the best in terms of quantity and quality - not the best eggplant parmesan in the world, but that portion is massive and two. The restaurant is located just along the interstate highway, a couple of blocks from the IKEA. Burger loving locals can get their thrills nearly anywhere in this beef town, so we took it upon ourselves to scour the streets for the most flawless renditions aroundfrom old-school burger joints rocking sloppily beautiful classics to modern burger shacks with over-the-top burger creations, plus a few pop-ups getting in on the latest smashburger craze. Some patrons sat outdoors at an ad hoc mix of tables and chairs, most of them under an awning because it had been spitting rain. American (New)Breakfast & BrunchSouthernThe Heights, We visited this place for the first time. Flip n Patties is more than a burger joint, but a humanitarian effort as well. There are five signature burgers available at Pappas Burger, and each has a unique and signature flavor. 2:20PM, This Week in Houston Food Events: Treat Yourself to Bubbles and Caviar, Openings and Closings: Gatlin's F&F Opens, South Beach Returns, La Table Will Refresh, Houston's 5 Best Weekend Food Bets: Cool Off with a Frosty Cocktail During Christmas in July, Become a member to support the independent voice of Houston 1133 W 19th St, Houston, TX 77008713-862-0555Visit Website. I liked the looks of the bulb-strung patio in front of the handsomely rehabbed brick mercantile structure that houses Uban Eats market, its counter-serve cafe and its upstairs full-service restaurant. Hilal is a graduate of the Houston Community Colleges culinary program, and he compiled a wild resume (Hotel Granduca, Maxs Wine Dive, sous chef at Tobiuo Sushi) before buying Chuckwagon two years ago. Being able to write a sentence like that is why I love living in Houston. I had a vegan burger--patty was almostmore, BurgersSandwichesAmerican (Traditional)$$Memorial, We love coming to Grubs for burgers but will be really sad when HopDoddy takes over this locationmore, A good place to eat your snack! From the smoke savants behind Tejas Chocolate & Barbecue comes a new venture where burgers are the star. A few years back, our resident burger expert ran around Houston eating a slew of classic cheeseburgers in order to find. Night Shifts version begins just before Thanksgiving, on Wednesday, Nov. 22, and it will be by reservation only, via Resy. Beyond delicious, the burgers are an option for carnivores who care about the environment but still want that familiar taste, as our burgers require 75-80% less environmental resources than the traditional meat of the past. By the courtliness, care and good cheer of its proprietor, whose name is Rey, and whose batidos might be my new favorite thing. The air was cool. To see if I really liked it as much as I thought I did. (Theres a regular ol classic burger, too.). I saw that I could add fries for 99 cents, and pick a glass of red wine for 3 bucks, and I was sold.

The memory stretched across the miles and disappointment and impelled me to drive directly to the corner of Mandell and West Main, where massive live oaks conjure the spirit of Old Montrose. While the flavors were perfect, I wasnt able to finish it which just meant that theres more for later! Joke was on me, because when I arrived and looked at the printed menus for Happy Hour and dinner, the onion rings I had spied online were missing. Tall chairs in bright red metal clustered at the counter, and the surrounding patio was arrayed with lime green tables and chairs beneath a spreading crimson market umbrella. Here a laptop. IMPOSSIBLE 2.0 Patty, Follow Your Heart Cheese, House Spread, Lettuce, Tomato, House Pickles, and Grilled Onions on a Bakery Fresh Artisan Bun, Hand-Breaded Plant-Based Chickn, Follow Your Heart Vegenaise and House Pickles on a Bakery Fresh Artisan Bun. The idea was irresistible: a burger stand in a remodeled shipping container, smack in the middle of the Navigation Esplanade as the boulevard heads into Second Ward. I had the Amboy burger when I was there. The fact that I was finally about to sample the eponymous burger from Tim Love, the famous Fort Worth chef who nabbed the contract for Levy Parks three food-service outposts which include a barbecue restaurant and a breakfast-and-snack truck was just gravy. One of my favorites of the everyday variety, the cheeseburger from Cantina Barba, now costs $6 for a four-ounce version. How many smashburgers is too many smashburgers? I was drawn hither by the pedigree of proprietors Ben Runkle and Bryan Butler, whose nine-year-old Salt & Time butcher shop and restaurant in East Austin is highly regarded. Heres how my first visit to Post Houston went. ), I could feel the stress ebb from my perpetually clenched muscles. We are also very grateful to feature Chamberlain Coffee Shakes and Chicken Tenders from Daring Foods. mirror whitney compact houston makeup button delivered organza bag always My tiny Kia was surrounded by enormous big rigs as I unwrapped my burger in the parking lot of Hippo Burgers, somewhere between Willowbrook and Jersey Village. In times of uncertainty, a good burger offers a certain timeless reassurance; a promise that old familiar pleasures still apply. Turns out this smash burger pop-up, from food grammer Abbas Dhanani of @houstoneatz, is a smash, literally.

However, this weeks scheduled burger experience came to a crashing logistical halt due to online ordering complications you really, really do not want to know about. Upcoming Houston Food Events: Chivos Goes Tex-Mex and Max's Wine Dive Features Summer Berries, These Houston Bars and Restaurants are Celebrating National Tequila Day with Happy Hours, Margs and More. For a damn fine burger with a little side of nostalgia, hit this neighborhood champion of all things beef.

The catch is that the burger pops up on chef Danny Leals menu on Mondays only making it Burger Monday, if you will. 5230 Westpark Dr, Houston, TX 77056Phone: 713-661-1622Visit Website, A post shared by Bubbas Texas Burger Shack (@bubbastexasburgershack). Alison Cook @alisoncook, Jody Schmal @jodyschmal, Julie Takahashi @Julie_Takahashi, Jordan Ray-Hart @JordanLRay. Add a side double-fried fresh-cut fries or go HAM by ladeling on the chili and cheese.How to book: Stop by for first come, first served seating or call your nearest location for take-out. Fries never travel well. A post shared by Marcos Torres (@marcostorresf). Hildebrand moved on to life in Wimberley, where hes soon to open his own restaurant. All their locations give off a warm, familiar vibe that helps whet the appetite. Then I set out from my home in the East End, sailing up the industrial stretches of Lockwood to The Nickel, as the historic Black neighborhood of Fifth Ward is known. Get more information on Impossible Foods.

updated June 9, 2022, 10:51 am It was The Woodlands Amateur Hour as I rolled down the mellifluously named Research Forest Drive, tunneled in greenery. The woman focused on her lottery numbers. Downstairs, on my way up to the terrace, I had ogled the selection of baked goods and charcuterie and locally made foodstuffs and made a note to come back for a shop-through later. There was a new 888 Bistro, an axe-throwing business, a brewery called Bakfish. Fortunately the basic burger I had come to sample was still on offer. Thats how I ended up charmed by this 9-month-old sandwich shop tucked inside a Fuel Depot Chevron gas station in the heart of the East Ends Second Ward. Montys creates a cheeseburger that anyone can enjoy guilt free. The eternal lesson, in restaurant writing as in life: open that door. Though its switched up the concept a bit, the good vibes and even better burgers remain. Whether you are looking for classic lettuce and tomato toppings or a burger loaded with house chili, Stantons City Bites has everything you want in a burger.

The Texas BBQ Burger is my favorite and includes fried onions, plenty of barbeque sauce, and jalapenos. The standard burger is an updated riff on that Cease and Desistwith double the meat, double the cheese, and LPT on a potato bun.

A preternaturally cheerful and efficient young man named Chris took my order. Finding the best burgers in Houston can be challenging, but with my list, you can choose from several proven locations. I checked some online postings (no, there is not a website), which showed that Sukos was the kind of Asian-owned fried seafood, fried rice and burger joint that dots Houstons historic wards from Third, through Second (where Sukos resides, on a major industrial artery just before Canal Street), unto Fifth and beyond. Rocco Smith Now Impossible Burger products are in supermarkets, and my local 24-hour Burger King is advertising its Impossible Whopper on prominent signs. The staff is friendlymore, considering how busy it was. and help keep the future of the Houston Press, Use of this website constitutes acceptance of our. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Rocco is a recent graduate of Florida State University with a Bachelors in Editing, Writing, and Media. When I first saw the name Peaky Grinders pop up among the food vendors at the new Railway Heights Market, I thought they were going to be selling submarine sandwiches. Its like something out of a science fiction movie. Theres a good mix of food options thats ongoing, too. When youre there, try the chili burger for a hot, all-beef burger smothered in spicy and delicious chili. A waxing gibbous moon hung over a Houston skyline picked out in lights. The gentleman with a nod of greeting as he makes his way to one of the video slot machines along the window. A post shared by Julie Soefer (@juliesoefer). Maybe a leisurely coffee and a pastry, too. One pound of fresh ground beef on a long slab of toasty Cuban bread for eight bucks, with enormous tropical-fruit shakes on the side? I loved the perfect roundness of the bun which highlighted the color and freshness of the ingredients. I ordered a French 75 to compensate, and damned if it wasnt the best one Ive had in ages, with a buoyant lemon lift of the sort thats too often compromised by over-sweetness. The local legend is on the lookout for a brick-and-mortar in H-town, in the meantime keeping busy with pop-ups at the Houston Rodeo and Coachella as well as a new project Bored & Hungry, the worlds first restaurant based on a Bored Ape NFT opening out in Long Beach, California.

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