Great job! "This should cover a lot of the bases, especially if you're looking to set up a hefty defence in the ruins of a decimated Soviet city".

Excellent, thank you!

There are also a few machine guns in the mix alongside those throwing grenades. I just like owning and painting nice looking toys very good, either ready assembled or built-it-yourself. The first thing I have to say is that the rules appear to be very simple on first reading but in fact they are far more subtle than they seem. In the case of IABSM most sections would be made up of three bases for the section with 8-9 figures per section and then the section/squad leader is based separately. Painting 12mm is a lot easier than 28s or even 15s.

Here you have all of the troops you need to lead your forces into battle.

odds and e More 28mm Germans, this time the plastic Grenadiers from Warlord for Bolt

Sun & Moon STL Edition Kickstarter Is Live! table so it simply won't be that noticeable - whereas they would be with 25mm or It's Minifigs next, and closer to "12mm" (especially the Always amazed at your output. overall ! Get the Railway Empire Complete Collection in this new bundle. best!) I also painted up a couple of old MG teams as well. Pithead is It comes from a long and noble line of hex a A common question asked by players interested in trying the WWII rule set Chain of Command, is how do I build a force to play a game? Change). In addition the game is played on Kallistras own hex terrain which has a number of advantages (no measuring being the main one) but take a bit of getting used to. I have to say that painting 12mm figures is a whole new experience for me and I painted 984 figures in only 6 weeks. That would take me a year in 15mm. (I have has this on both Wargames South and Pithead - but both come in big

Scinde? Or, There are big machine guns, sniper teams, anti-tank options and even a couple of mortars too. operation scenarios.

Gutenburg for months, I am abandoning the WordPress platform. Cascadia Reigns As 2022 Spiel Des Jahres Winner, Pre-Order New Sci-Fi Cannon Fodder From Wargames Atlantic, Wordle Goes From App To Party Game This October. All Rights Reserved. for instance (the WS one is chunkier), but stand them next to Pendraken's and the Pendraken one looks like its their little brother - its at least 10% smaller Last night saw our first medieval game and our first game using 12mm figures. These figures are all from Kallistra in the UK. Not only have they a great range but their mail order service is second to none. We chose figures from their 100 Years War range because they can be used for a wide variety of armies across a number of conflicts and I did not use any national symbols or emblems so that they can represent French, English, Breton, Burgundian, Flemish, Gascon etc. ones you may find that the pre-done paint scheme This is important because the Victrix range is far from comprehensive at the moment and what is missing from my collection so far are key support weapons, particularly anti-tank guns. I am definitely going to produce more figures for this period. I have just ordered The war on The Ground, a set of rules that Victrix are stocking and that can used with their kit.I have knocked up a couple of shermans and next to the latest Pendraken re-sculpts, they are a good match size wise. The former are very well proportioned and realistic in appearance, the Pendraken are shorter and stockier and less realistic in appearance but only really noticeable when inspected closely, which is not something thats going to be happening much at this scale. The recent publication of Dave Brown's battalion level Second World War rules 'O' Group has been a further incentive, particularly as the same figures and basing would work for both rule sets. Son Bi Chic Lc Ng Ng Vn 9 Ca Nh Vn Nguyn Quang Sng, Nt c Sc Ngh Thut Trong hai a Tr Ca Thch Lam, Phn Tch V p Ca Sng Hng Qua Gc Nhn a L | Ai t Tn Cho Dng Sng, Tm Tt Truyn Ngn Hai a Tr Ca Thch Lam, Cm nhn v nhn vt b Thu trong tc phm Chic lc ng ca Nguyn Quang Sng, Tm tt tc phm truyn ngn Bn Qu ca nh vn Nguyn Minh Chu, Tm Tt Chuyn Ngi Con Gi Nam Xng Lp 9 Ca Nguyn D, Ngh Thut T Ngi Trong Ch Em Thy Kiu Ca Nguyn Du, Nu B Cc & Tm Tt Truyn C B Bn Dim Ca An c Xen, Hng Dn Son Bi Ti i Hc Ng Vn 8 Ca Tc Gi Thanh Tnh, Vit Mt Bi Vn T Cnh p Qu Hng Em, Vit Mt Bi Vn T Mt Cnh p Qu Hng M Em Yu Thch, Mt ngy so vi mt i ngi l qu ngn ngi, nhng mt i ngi li do mi ngy to nn (Theo nguyn l ca Thnh Cng ca nh xut bn vn hc thng tin). designs/castings) actually looks very good and is close in size to Pendraken - Undaunted: Battle Of Britain Announced For 2023 By Osprey! The ranges in both IABSM and O Group mean these mortars would never need to appear on the table, but the models can be used to represent the number of off-table missions that forward observers can call in. The Victrix infantry sets also include support elements including panzerschreck teams and tripod mounted MG42s. Texas War of Independence: project finished, Goodbye WordPress hello (again) Blogger, With Flashing Blades Recommendations for Background Books.

I had low expectations and so was pleasantly surprised when they turned up. Change), You are commenting using your Facebook account. this mix that any scale (like "10mm" or "12mm") where the var D=new Date(),d=document,b='body',ce='createElement',ac='appendChild',st='style',ds='display',n='none',gi='getElementById',lp=d.location.protocol,wp=lp.indexOf('http')==0?lp:'https:'; Regards, Chris. AFV "newer" Wargames South stuff, which is being remodeled at what they Popular rule sets like Flames of War have used 15mm as their scale and this seems to be the case with other sets like the Two Fat Lardies 'I Ain't Been Shot Mum' (IABSM). Our website use cookies.

Great looking game. Island cre Lard Magazine 2020 brings you 180 pages of wargaming fun. carved, so its harder to drybrush them - the poses in my US infantry are also a

The outcome however was not as feared. The longbow men proved to be not quite as lethal as their historical counterparts and although their stakes did provide some advantage it was not enough to stop the knights. Obviously the secret is to combine the fire of a number of longbow units each time which is not always easy. We liked the two part melee process but we did find it a little confusing in places however the dice decided most cases. squashed! However on the flip side infantry at this scale are fairly tiny figures and so The 1/144 comparison would indicate the Tiger might be slightly too large but there's not much in it and the chances are the two won't be on the table at the same time anyway.

Highlands Miniatures Showcases Epic Sons Of Ymir Dwarves! You can follow more of the build for this collection and the start of terrain construction in. Below are a few photographs to give an idea of the test game.

much "who makes the best stuff" as "best is highly subjective (at One thing I hadn't considered at this scale was how basing the infantry would make them proportionally much higher/taller. Just a quick update this afternoon. Hy by t kin ca mnh, Nh vn khng c php thn thng vt ra ngoi th gii nay. I found a set of four 1/144 tanks, two Tigers and two Panthers for sale on eBay for a ridiculously low price (AU$10 including postage, that's about 5 for the lot). Thats the main difference between Victrix and Pendraken.

C trong m cn thc. We'd seen some of these Soviets before but it's neat to get a better look at what's included in the set. within the same marque of vehicle. It is with tremendous sadness that I must report the passing of the hugely is a bit more "toy" than "wargame miniature". The Panther seems too long and squat, while the Tiger is a little over-scale, but considering the price it seems churlish to be overly critical. Im interested in the colours you used for the Germans. A Gentlemans War; A New Bolt Action Starter Set Coming Soon, The Grimdark Trench Crusade Miniatures Range Hits Kickstarter, Harlequin Rose Joins The Birchwood Range By Lucid Eye. This final lot brings That said, word out in the gaming community is that the 10mm ranges from companies like Pendraken are very compatible with those from Victrix. Hi Robert! pose variety in each Colours from GMB Designs. That's perfect for IABSM, as that plays with all units at a 1/1 ratio, however I didn't intend basing figures individually at this scale. Wargames Atlantic Head To SpaceNam With New Plastic Kit! I don't use a wash over the uniform. However, in my opinion, those rules work best for infantry action in dense terrain settings and so 20mm worked well enough. Talking of the British I've been testing paints and colours and after some experimenting have painted up the first batch. be perfect for our games of Sharp Practice in Spain and Portugal, and Chain For the Germans I have the PzIVH and the StuGIII sets. WWI. I've been wanting to play company and battalion level Second World War games for a while but have not been able to settle on a scale. Pendraken.

Ive been painting up 15mm 1940 Germans using Vallejo field grey with bronze green for the helmets. Lately I've seen a lot of posts in forums and social media from new players asking questions about how people base their figures, or loo Advanced Squad Leader (ASL) purports to be a game about tactical leadership in combat in WWII.

the best out there for casting, animation and detail - but they do come in Or, put another way, some vehicles are "10mm scale", and some are

We learned a lot from our test game and will apply those lessons to our second game which is scheduled for next week. I will however have to add more infantry other than knights regardless of their historical accuracy as the proportions in my current forces are too strong. I decided to put together a Section of British Commandos for Special Wargames South Panther looks good until you put it next to a Takara one, and likewise the Tiger 1 5 new additions to the WARGAMORIUMcommissariat.

done. Hollywood Cavalry Ride Into Knuckledusters Gunfighters Ball, Modiphius Announce Community Content Program For 2D20 Day. to infantry I firmly believe that the bottom line is that they are all pretty much compatible, so At this scale that's quite a lot and while I wasn't inclined to base the vehicles I did give it some serious consideration to compensate for the height difference.

Thanks Geoff, that's a good tip, unfortunately I just checked them out but postage makes it less attractive unless I place a bigger order with them and right now there's nothing else I need, but who knows down the track? Afternoon all

physically bigger, so whereas a 10-20% difference in scale on an infantryman is This means they can sometimes look a bit skinny next to the others - they do however come in larger Bloody Bucket Campaign Turn 6 scenario 2 The Outsk Bloody Bucket Campaign Turn 6 scenario 1 The Road Calibre Bands Revising Crossfire Anti-tank Rules 3, New Pantile Buildings from Charlie Foxtrot, Bolt Action Modern: African Market Patrol, Todd's Workshop/Tobias Capwell- Arrows vs Armour 2 - THE HELMET (fundraiser). Map Out The Tigris River As A Wayfarer To Impress The Caliph! This method of basing the infantry allows me to move up a level of organisation for 'O' Group where three figures on a base represent the entire squad or section and so three bases would represent the entire platoon etc. wherever possible !!

There is one odd thing though, which didn't occur to me until I'd bought them, and that is the Shermans are M4A3 variants.

The Victrix range is advertised as 12mm, as opposed to 10mm, an already established scale for miniatures. Hi Eric, Could you tell me what you are using because they look excellent. I'm not going to lose any sleep over it, I think at this scale a Sherman, is a Sherman, is a Sherman. Minifigs are also good, and a better bet if you want a more pack. Tried not to but then just had to have The new 2000AD starterbox From

lots of scope for variation.

Add into I liked the rules and so begin to think that I should get serious about putting together units to play games at this level.

even 10-15% differences for infantry works out as only 1mm in height on the

The rules Hordes and Heroes Medieval are free to download from the Kallistra website together with a comprehensive set of army lists and other rules support backed up by an active forum. They also have a free set of siege rules and sell castles and other fortifications to scale. That is for another day however as we focused on learning the basic tabletop battle rules first. For completed their For the latest modern battle, it was time to try out a larger game with all Change), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Well, the printing of her at least. Part of the choice on infantry is to do with I've tried to see how well they fit with the Victrix models and made a size comparison.

They had an Skytrex/Davco These were not supplied to the British and given Victrix do not produce anything else for the Americans (yet), only for the British, I'm unclear why they would do this. compatible set of mini's from different sources" . I liked what I saw and their infantry sets provide enough figures to create a company at one figure to one man.

of C Ok, hands up all who thought I had been painting figures for the taking of units at once.

"get the same marque of vehicle from the same manufacturer, stick to one 1702 1715 War of the Spanish Succession. Great looking figures an the standard troops are generic enough to be used for any armys? I will likely go to Pendraken for my tigers, as like you, I just need a couple.Your figure painting at this scale is spot on and shows the figures off well.

supplier for infantry and get buildings from anywhere and you are broadly re-printing of a few parts. Modiphius Are Celebrating The Summer For 2D20 DAY! to be more pragmatic, get each type of tank from the manufacturer you like the

not so great compared to I recommended retirement to you before as the only way to paint the lead pile. The flock is a mixture put down in two layers. South and Pendraken ones are best for this. miniatures for my Blood Bowl team! Excellent paintwork.

(LogOut/ catch(e){var iw=d;var c=d[gi]("M322801ScriptRootC219228");}var dv=iw[ce]('div');"MG_ID";dv[st][ds]=n;dv.innerHTML=219228;c[ac](dv); casting (after the plastic kits - usually!) You have explored exactly what I am thinking, currently playing Crossfire at 28mm and want to venture into 12mm as I think it might play better. I'm not making any judgments or comments on the basis of manufacturers range there is sometimes a large variation. When I left you last month I was in the Are you tempted by these Soviets or the larger 12mm World War II range in general? "10mm", "12mm", "N-gauge" and "1/144" as

always the last bits that see my enthusiasm flagging. However, when it comes Perrin are somewhere in between on

I filled my boots some time ago! What base sizes did you go for at 12mm? I was experimenting with an ambush camouflage scheme for a 1/72 Panther and so tried to replicate the same with the smaller model.

Chances are you would have no more than two troops on the table and so six Fireflies are far more than you should normally require.

The use of Generals was more advantageous to the defence and their participation in melee proved very decisive every time. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); The Poteshnyi Wine, Women and Wargames but without the wine and the women!

You could also look at Minifigs as they are 12mm rather than 10mm, as well as the old Wargames South 12mm range.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Nhng th gii ny trong mt ca nh vn phi c mu sc ring, Vn Hc Lm Cho Con Ngi Thm Phong Ph / M.L.Kalinine, Con Ngi Tng Ngy Thay i Cng Ngh Nhng Chnh Cng Ngh Cng ang Thay i Cuc Sng Con Ngi, Trn i Mi Chuyn u Khng C G Kh Khn Nu c M Ca Mnh Ln, Em Hy Thuyt Minh V Chic Nn L Vit Nam | Vn Mu. Thanks Peter.

Meet Some Of Necromundas New Underhive Criminal Royalty! Very interesting and enjoyable post - thanks. So, what finally got me over the line was the release by Victrix of their 12mm range. Theyll Also, a mounted General of ebays 10mm & 1/144th scale listings. Populate your Wasteland! Magister Militum still have stocks of the 1/144 Takara WTM AT gun sets: for 2 you get a PaK40, a 6 pdr and a Soviet 76mm. specifi Two weeks ago, we took another plunge into aerial combat, but this time in I have powered through the final tranche of figures for this project. That allows me to handle removing casualties using the bases with one or two figures as 'loose change'. so don't take my word for it! Awesome Stargrave STL Creatures Now Available On Kickstarter! 1-2mm, it can be 5-10mm between 2 different tanks. I'm impressed with the Victrix tank models, they really pack a lot of detail into such a small kit and the molding is very crisp.
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