Joey Bada$$ & Capital STEEZ (Prod. 11. The Renaissance (feat. Overseas (feat. School High (feat. Consisting of Joey BadA$$, Capital STEEZ, CJ Fly, Kirk Knight, A La $ole, Dessy Hinds, Dirty Sanchez, Dyemond Lewis, Chuck Strangers, Nyck Caution, Kwon and Rokamouth, the Pro Era crew dropped their mixtape PEEP: The Arpocalypse today. 17. by Statik Selektah], 08. Joey's got that lil voice ahah, YES, love this mixtape. by Kirk Knight) by statik selektah]3:30 2. joey bada$$, dirty sanchez, cj fly & capital steez. 2.joey bada dirty sanchez cj fly capital steez run or fly prod by lee bannon. 04. Many heads were waiting on this so catch it below and hit us up and let us know what you think. Joey bada$$, Capital STEEZ) [Prod. statik selektah]3:30 2. run. by Tre Eiht Special) Natural (feat. on valentine's day the young crew of first and foremost, r.i.p capital steez. Bun N Cheese Kirk Knight, Capital STEEZ, A La $ole & CJ Fly (Prod. We do not sell mixtapes. 12. F A Rap Critic Chuck Strangers, Kirk Knight & Joey Bada$$ (Prod. Troy Ave, Angela Simmons Breaks Instagram with Miami Swim Week 2022 *NSFW*, DJ Akademiks & Wack 100 Are Playing a Dangerous Game Speaking on Upcoming Atlanta RICO Arrest, Lauren London Speaks on Nipsey Hussles Passing in First Interview Since His Passing, EXCLUSIVE: Why Kevin Durant is Getting What He Wants in Pending Summer 2022 Trade, EXCLUSIVE: Why the Lakers Trade for Kyrie Irving Hasnt Happened Yet, The Reason Why Superstars Always Get Traded After Demands: Inspired by Kevin Durant & Kyrie Irving, The Jeanie Buss vs. LeBron James Summer 2022 Free Agency Situation Examined, Watch MJFs Full Pipebomb Shoot Promo on AEW Dynamite, Pro Era PEEP: The aPROcalypse [Mixtape], Joey Bada$$, Capital STEEZ & CJ Fly Like Water, Joey Bada$$ & Pro Era How To Rap A Present Freestyle, Like Water Capital STEEZ, Joey Bada$$ & CJ Fly (Produced by Statik Selektah). Lawns Super Helpful & Joey Bada$$ (Prod. english. steez joey bada cj fly like water prod by statik selektah. The Biz Markie and Method Man samples in Wrecord Out and F a Rap Critic are somewhat unconnected to the songs themselves, not to mention that Pro.Era dont seem yet in the position to show the middle finger to whoever they perceive as a rap critic. Those are the kind of second-hand rap poses that the East Coast has practised for far too long. #BlackLivesMatter #GileadOutlawFollow, They probably just left the track off the mixtape due to artistic reasons. 16. You start researching names and in a matter of minutes that collection of music youve been enjoying gets cast into a cruel light New York collective Pro.Era released its second mixtape on December 21st, coinciding with the presumed end of the world if we were to believe pseudo-scientifical, superstitious speculations. #hiphop @grantjones86 @JesalTV @SammyEngele @WEKetchum @coldgettincrums, Over 5,000 tracks and 330 hours! If you have a copyrighted mixtape on our site that you wish to take down, please contact us. Capital STEEZ, Joey Bada$$ & CJ Fly) [Prod. Kirk Knight) [Prod. CJ Fly, Dyemond Lewis, Ala $ole, Nyck Caution, Kir) [Prod. Rap lyrics are on trial - not just the right to say them, but the right to not be incriminated FOR saying them. by Bruce Leekix) by Chuck Strangers) Overseas Joey Bada$$ & CJ Fly (Prod. They were all just in a funk for a while. In his honor, let me transcribe the verse with which he opens the proceedings: And I quote we came like them niggas in boats Still think its a joke? by Thelonius Martin) Its been an important year for the Brooklyn representatives, with Joey Bada$$ taking over the spotlight with his groundbreaking 1999 mixtape back in June. by Statik Selektah) document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window). Not to mention their highly successful tour around Europe, they now look to end 2012 in the right way by adding another body of work to their growing discography. Pro era peep: the aprocalypse (2012) [full mixtape]tracklist:0:00 1. like water (capital steez, joey bada$$, cj fly) [prod. The verse above is elevated by the music, a finespun combination of emotional pianos and rich drums that Statik Selektah provides for Like Water, underlining the Common connection with vocal cuts. Its the only change to the tracklist, which now clocks in at eighteen songs, with Know the Rules originally surfacing during the original Peep The Aprocalypse studio sessions, and coming with production from longtime Pro Era collaborator and producer Statik Selektah. 07. Intentionally or not, Pro.Era evoke times past. But Joey, CJ, Nyck, and Kirk have all still put out quality stuff since then. Resurrection Of Real Ala Sole & NYCk Caution (Prod. I think Juice said they've tried a million times but they can't get a lot of it cleared. (LogOut/ School High is a classic and brings back a lot of memories. Vinyls Dessy Hinds & NYCk Caution (Prod. Yup. Wrecord Out Nyck Caution, Joey Bada$$ & CJ Fly (Prod. The latest mixtapes, videos, news, and anything else hip-hop/R&B/Future Beats related from your favorite artists, Press J to jump to the feed. mixtape official bada steez No. Florists Kirk Knight (Prod. (LogOut/ by Chuck Strangers], 15. CJ Fly sports a fullly grown, charismatic flow that naturally dominates cuts like Run Or Fly or Overseas. Nyck Caution plays his position as the resident white boy, injecting, for example, Resurrection of Real with witty lines like What the fuck is YOLO, probably been a pharaoh in my past life and Never got em first but I earned stripes. Dessy Hinds is a quick-tongued, precisely flowing, opinionated cat who absolutely kills the deep groove of Vinyls: I been flowin extra-proficiently when the beat blowin out the system I only trust stereo systems, nigga, not the system Got slicker rhythms, they try to log on like logarithms Shit, gimme a beat and a sheet and I make a nigga listen From junior high school, rappin was a precise tool Never had the luxury of spendin guap for nice jewels Only had the voice of a amateur, so I damaged the hits when a nigga spit like he took hits of that cannabis My nigga Joey handed us the fountain of youth Blow better than fountains I been wishin well for wishing wells to make my wish true Bad hoes undercover, they wanna love this brother cause Im known to love the others while Im under covers Not just another nigga sittin stup up in the group only makin music cause he wanna hear it from the coupe Yall niggas got smart off my verses and palindromes The closest thing yall caught in my lines was a sickly syndrome. by Hans Solo & Jonas Cook) Surface Studio vs iMac Which Should You Pick? In light of his death criticism of PEEP may seem irreverent but since Pro.Era will very likely move on to bigger things some minor murmurings from the sideline wont hurt. 01. we know it's a little late but there's no way we could continue the new year without talking comment, rate and subscribe. Dessy Hinds, NYCk Caution) [Prod. Theyre really important and I hope more people realize this within the next year when looking back on this decade in music. Joey Bada$$, Dyemond Lewis, Kirk Knight & NYCk) [Prod. Kirk Knight, Capital STEEZ, A La $ole & CJ Fly) [Prod. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The passing of one of their founding members will be a crossroad for the young crew, there will be a before and an after, nonetheless PEEP: The aPROcalypse stands testament to the philosophy of the Progressive Era, notably a name STEEZ helped coin. 01 capital steez joey bada cj fly like water prod by statik selektah. 10. Loved this project so fucking much when it came out. Oh shit finally, AMERIKKKAN KORRUPTION next, Yup, but it must've been recorded at the time of the others. Run Or Fly Joey Bada$$, Dirty Sanchez, CJ Fly & Capital STEEZ (Prod. Then I guess we gotta get you covered Im connectin to my brethren with the westside connection cause he say he got the best and we got the birds like 2-4-7 So Ima hit you back in a second Cause we already lifted We lifted, we lifted You dreamt it, we lived it. Hasn't that bitter old crank got anything better to do than blame rap music for everything? 02. 15. by brandUn DeShay) by Statik Selektah], 02. Like Water, F a rap critic are impeccable. (feat. even better if you do too, cuz we pro era peep the aprocalypse download theproera music pro era peep the aprocalypse enjoy. Last Cypher (feat. I feel like a mix of his death and Joey blowing up is why they dont make tapes anymore /: they didn't need to clear the sample for a track on a mixtape. Joey Bada$$, Rokamouth) [Prod. The Renaissance Ala Sole & Joey Bada$$ (Prod. Mixtape tracks. We bring you the best Tutorial with otosection automotive based. by statik selektah] 3:30 2. joey bada$$, dirty sanchez pro era peep the aprocalypse (full album) 0:00:00 like water 0:03:30 run or fly 0:08:13 wrecord 0:11:55 f a rap critic 0:15:40 the renaissance 0:18:43 floristst the most flow form this glow of this group has officially been put in 432 hz enjoy! Huge fan of Pro Era, tho hype/potential for other talented members never materialized to what it could be imo. 0:00:00 like water 0:03:30 run or fly 0:08:13 wrecord 0:11:55 f a rap critic 0:15:40 the renaissance 0:18:43 floristst 0:21:53 interlude 47 0:2. Dessy Hinds & Nyck Caution)" despite there still being no Nyck Caution verse on that track, Maybe he produced it or something? Updated weekly, #BlackLivesMatter #GileadOutlaw, Slum Village & Mick Boogie :: The Dirty Slums 2, #BlackLivesMatter #GileadOutlaw Retweeted. Lawns (feat. 8 MCs pass the mic during the Last Cypher, which STEEZ closes with one more verse so inspired it simply leaves you perplexed. The Industry). And still it says "Natural (feat. by Lee Bannon], 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London. (LogOut/ We do not claim any special rights to any mixtape. Vinyls (feat. by Bruce Leekix], 17. Note: If your mixtape isn't downloading, try another web browser. by Tre Eiht Special) Ala Sole, Joey Bada$$) [Prod. The @RapReviews playlist has cracked 350 hours. Please log in using one of these methods to post your comment: You are commenting using your account. After the release of their Like Water joint earlier today, Pro Era come through with the entire PEEP: the aPROcalypse project as promised. Pro Era Peep The Aprocalypse Full Mixtape W Download Youtube, Pro Era Peep: The Aprocalypse (full Mixtape). Still such a landmark group with this project being their peak (so far) as a collective. Your third eye vision is broke We lifted from smoke, and floatin Thats how I got my aura open Check the horoscopes, though You could say Im horror-scopin You catch me floatin on a four-leaf clover Thats the pot of gold, so we sonnin em like Maury Povich We gon need paternity tests, I guess Cause them vets aint learnin it step by step Its Beast Coast, we the murderous set We rainn fire, and I dont mean the burners and Tecs You gotta love it, all 47 of us You aint got a number? by Hans Solo & Jonas Cook], 12. F A Rap Critic (feat. OS REWIND: Joey Bada$$ & Pro Era How To Rap A Present Freestyle, 01. Stream below via Spotify. i know i will. ', Everything hip-hop, R&B and Future Beats! While your mixtape is downloading, now is a good time to give us a follow and get updates on the latest mixtapes! Florists (feat. Also check out our new iOS App! by Lee Bannon], 03. Change), You are commenting using your Facebook account. And then there are the frontrunners, Joey Bada$$ and Capital STEEZ, who debuted side by side in the formers very first video, Survival Tactics. The two share spiritual concerns, which they express together on Like Water and K.I.N.G.S. Further appearances are made by A La Sole, Kirk Knight, Dyemond Lewis, Rokamouth, Dirty Sanchez and Chuck Strangers (who also contributes two beats). 14. by Thelonius Martin], 14. by Statik Selektah], 05. Change). So youve discovered this rap crew, learn of a new project they just put out, you download it, give it a spin and check the credits.
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