68% of U.S. households or over 85 Million families own at least one pet according to the 2019-2020 National Pet Owners Survey conducted by APPA (the American Pet Products Association). Thats not all. While its hard to give an exact number of dogs or cats living in the world, our goal was to help you better understand the pet population in the world and America. The cost of owning a cat is lower than the average cost of dog ownership, but typically comes in higher than owning birds or fish. Cats are regarded as common pets on every continent except Antarctica. Read more here. This is just one example that illustrates how popular cats are in Japan. In comparison, China is home to over 27 million dogs and 53 million cats while Russia has a dog population of over 12.5 million and a cat population of about 17.8 million. Generally speaking, however, there are more cats than dogs in the world. Cats are incredibly adaptable and can thrive in a variety of environments, from scorching deserts to icy tundra. Your subscription could not be saved. In 2022 Dogs still turn out to be much more popular than pet cats, Hawaiian government updated their pet ownership percentage to that of 60%, The number of cats and dogs going into shelters in the U.S. has, The pet owner is allergic to the animal or, The number of pets being euthanized in American animal shelters has, 4 million pets are adopted from animal shelters, About 48% of the dogs entering an animal shelter, Around 23% of dogs that are adopted in America, lost and not properly able to be identified, Only 20% of pet owners can afford to pay a, Almost 10% of pet parents are shopping for pet insurance for a, Pet parents shopping for pet insurance who owned cats with pre-existing conditions. About 44% of people surveyed said that they would rather curl up with their pet then their human companion. In fact, facilities that are accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums are home to fewer than 400 of these tigers. While this is a considerable number, it is a decline from 7.2 million pets that entered shelters in 2011. If that is not the case, there is a high probability that she is a domestic long or short-haired cat. As a licensed independent insurance agency, we get paid a commission or an advertising fee from the insurance companies we partner with if you get a quote, apply for coverage, or purchase an insurance policy. What Are The Most Popular Dog Breeds In Shelters? Most black pets that find their way to shelters are euthanized simply because they arent selected for adoption as frequently as pets with lighter-colored coats. So, the next time you see a cat, be sure to give it a friendly rub! A cat obtaining water solely from food might be able to survive for four days. But how many cat breeds are there? As per National Geographic, cats appeared near human settlements, eating rodents that would impact the grain stores. The cats are popularly known as kedi in Turkish, and they are considered to be a part of the citys culture. Of those, approximately 860,000 are cats. Believe it or not, only 2% of pet owners have pet insurance on their pets in the United States. Unfortunately, outdoor cats are directly linked to the decline of songbirds throughout the United States.

The nation is home to the largest dog and cat population worldwide, with about 70 million dogs and approximately 74 million cats. The most expensive pets to own? Most cats meet their fate in shelters, where they are euthanized when time runs out or when they arrive badly injured or too sick to be adopted. 45% of their households own dogs and 45% owns cats. Petting a cat alleviates stress. By the 16th century, domesticated house cats were almost found everywhere in Europe and eventually made their way into the New World the Americas. What Percentage Of Pet Owners Have Pet Insurance? This is a nickname for the Japanese island of Aoshima, where there are less than two dozen people and more than 120 cats. Although the number of shelter pets euthanized each year has dropped sharply, approximately 1.5 million animals never find their way into permanent homes and are put to sleep. During the 19th century, the deliberate breeding of cats started. And it isnt euthanasia at the end of a long life well-lived in the arms of a comfortable family home. The information provided on this site has been created by Simply Insurance for general, informational, and educational purposes. By the time you reach the end, youll know even more about cats! Vibrations in this range correspond with healing frequencies that have been established in human therapeutic settings. Of those, approximately 1.6 million are cats. It might be happening as a way to boost alertness, or as a boredom signal. However, wild cats around the world are at risk due to habitat loss, poaching, and other threats. Some relatively lesser-known breeds in the list include the Korat, the Lykoi, and the Toybob. Thanks to veterinary care, appropriate vaccinations, and lives that play out mainly indoors, cats with homes live for an average of 16 years. For example, the CFA expanded its registry by recognizing the Khao Manee and the Lykoi back in 2018. Fdration Internationale Fline (FIFe) has 40 member countries and recognizes 48 different cat breeds. One in three American households owns at least one cat. These days, cats are playing important roles as therapy pets, too. If you have a solid colored cat and you look at them when theyre lying in bright sunlight, you can probably make out a very faint tabby pattern beneath that beautiful solid-colored coat. Three-year-old Trixie was pulled from a litter found under the porch of a neighbors house, while two-year-old Chloe was brought home by Christians young son, Henry, who found the kitten crying in the parking lot. We hope to see a steady decline as more shelter pets are adopted and more stray cats and dogs find their way home to their families. There are an estimated 600 million cats on the planet, according to the Ecology Global Network.1 Thats a lot of kitties! In 2017, the North American Pet Health Insurance Association reported $1.15 billion in pet insurance sales. 2020 Cliverse Media Ltd. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. They are also relatively easy to care for, and they can be kept in a wide variety of environments. This means that changes in things like food availability, predation, or disease can have a bigger impact on their populations. ExcitedCats is reader-supported. A feral cat is a domestic breed cat that was born in the wild and has not been socialized with humans, while a wild cat is a cat that lives in nature and belongs to a breed that has not commonly been domesticated. We would love to see that number go down soon. Generally speaking, extinction refers to a species no longer existing in the wild, but there are many cases where domesticated animals (like cats) continue to exist even if they are no longer found in the wild. Top Pet Statistics In America & The World: The current global dog population is estimated to be. Best No Exam Life Insurance Rates By State. Whats A Life Insurance Incontestability Clause? One of the major threats to wildcats is the loss of habitat due to deforestation and development. This staggering number underscores the importance of understanding and taking care of these beloved animals. Wild Life Removal | Wikipedia| Modern Cat|World Population Review|American Pet Products | ASPCA |ASPCA Pet Insurance | AVMA|Daily Dog Stuff| Do Something| Humane Society| Insurance Information Institute| Insider | Lone Tree Vet| Money Under 30| NPR | New York Times| One Green Planet| Pawlicy | Pet Coach| Pet Secure| Statista | The Guardian | The Spruce Pets| World Atlas|. However, I think we have what it takes to lower the number of pets going into shelters and increase the number of adopted pets and insured pets.The most shocking statistic that we found was that there are over 1.5 million animals euthanized each year. While its hard to give an exact number of dogs or cats living in the world, our goal was to help you better understand the pet population in the world and America. There are a number of reasons why cats may be threatened with extinction, including habitat loss, hunting, and disease. Its significance starts from the day it is, Our cats usually act in any way they see fit. This includes six species of cat: the Bali tiger, the Caspian tiger, the Javan tiger, the Chinese lion, the Barbary lion, and the European wildcat. The average cats lifespan can be anywhere from 2 to 16 years. The current global dog population is estimated to be around 900 million and rising, with the global cat population coming in at about 600 million. The main difficulty in calculating an accurate number is that feral and wild cats can be difficult to track and sample, and their populations can vary significantly from region to region and even year to year. Meanwhile, dog owners can expect to pay $257 for a years worth of routine canine veterinary expenses. Simply reducing the number of unwanted kittens can help reduce the number of cats euthanized in shelters each year. The increase is being driven by higher numbers of pet adoptions as well as more flexibility in the veterinary and pet insurance marketplaces combined. Since this is a word with two meanings and both apply to cats, we will offer two cat statistics. Cats can be kept as indoor or outdoor pets. Cat fanciers took several breeds and mated them together to form cats of specific appearance and personality traits. As you might have guessed, beloved pets have a far higher life expectancy then strays and feral cats. Humane Society | The Guardian| ASPCA|Wikipedia|Pet Pedia | Orvis |I Heart Dogs |. 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Humans and cats have shared a bond throughout history. How To Have A Better Relationship With Your Cat, Premium Cat Litter All-Natural Clumping Cat Litter Review, Top 150 Best Italian Cat Names For Males and Females. We all can do our part to reduce this sad cat statistic by seeing to it that our pets are spayed and neutered. By recognizing 45 pedigreed breeds, the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) is the largest cat registration organization in the United States. When we think of therapy pets, dogs often come to mind. Thats it for now! All of these cats were hunted to extinction due to human activity. The IUCN Red List currently categorizes wildcats as vulnerable due to their declining populations. Cats can be used as pets, as working animals, and as pest control agents. This breed is followed by the Maine Coon cat, Exotic cat, and Persian cats. Many people in Istanbul provide food and water for local stray cats, and there are numerous organizations that help feed and take care of them. Single guys, pay attention: a full 90% of single women surveyed felt that men who had cats were nicer than men who didnt have cats.

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