We promote and support professional development and advancement of our staff. Create a featured program each year at reunion time. Conduct an environmental scan of other Hillels and Jewish organizations who actively engage graduate students. Develop a more consistent collaboration with the Cambridge Conservative Minyan. <>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 720 540] /Contents 19 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 2>> Serve as leaders, innovators, and active contributors to wider Harvard University efforts, and ensure that Harvard Forest resources serve a diversity of students, staff, faculty, and alumni. <> Our plan seeks to enhance and expand these opportunities by striving to recruit, train, and retain talented and diverse students at various stages of their academic careers. We welcome an additional 600 visitors to the Fisher Museum each year and coordinate a team of 40 local volunteers to support the Fisher Museum. Update campus digital infrastructure to improve campus access to the internet and telephone and to support changing work and research needs at the Forest. The study group delivered a report to Gay this semester recommending a vision for how to position the FAS for broad-based academic excellence, innovation, and sustainability. Explore partnerships with outside organizations who are already working to engage graduate students and young professionals. We really need to take a step back and ask ourselves: What does the Ph.D. mean in the 21st century? and How have the kinds of intellectual leadership roles our alumni assume after graduation changed over time?.

Build a Jewish community among Harvard graduate students and Harvard-affiliated young adults. Our collaborations cross time and disciplines. In service of Goals 1, 2, and 3, ensure that our physical space supports our new and expanded offerings and explore rebranding Harvard Hillel. Our research is wide ranging but with a focus on long-term studies, New England forests, and participation in national and international research networks (LTER, NEON, Ameriflux, ForestGEO).

In service of Goals 1, 2,and 3, ensure that our physical space supports our new and expanded offerings and explore rebranding Harvard Hillel. We are asking big questions: What is the vision for our School?

In parallel, mission and operations leaders worked with their teams to articulate mission-level priorities and specific tactics that are guided by the mission and vision and that map to the cross-cutting strategic priorities. Work with JSAs to identify and reach all Harvard University graduate students with a Jewish background/identity. At present, our programs reach approximately 2,500 individuals annually through guided and self-guided tours, events, and workshops.

The creation of this document is only a first step in achieving Harvard Hillels objectives. <>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 720 540] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Improve the accessibility of campus buildings so disabled people can access the programs and resources of the Forest. <> Amplify students voices on issues of the day and increase dialogue among students, faculty, and special guests on critical issues facing the Jewish community and Israel. Attract students by multiplying opportunities for student-faculty encounters. Increase the frequency and continually evolve the mix of outreach initiatives and programs to identify and involve all Harvard College students with a Jewish background/identity. 4 0 obj endobj endobj &*d8Egz\co/{G The following pages provide an executive summary of where we envision HMS to be in 10 years. endobj In order to successfully implement the strategic plan, we will have to reassess our staffing structure. Learn More about Our funders. Improve our data on Jewish graduate student populations in Harvards eleven graduate and professional schools, in order to improve communication, visibility, and outreach. Scholar urges fuller reckoning with colonial legacies. Support growth and change in Harvard Forest programming by adapting current facilities and infrastructure to new uses. Harvard Hillel is a Jewish home on campus that seeks to: Engage the unique opportunities of Harvard and make Jewish thought and culture integral in the life of the University. To connect with and inform the next generation of earth stewards, we engage with elementary, middle, and high school teachers and students and provide opportunities for hands-on data collection and face-to-face interactions with HF scientists. We use our field sites, resources and long-term datasets to engage Harvard undergraduates in immersive courses and field trips. The goal of Jewish graduate student community demands the most structural change to staffing, facility, and funding but we believe the opportunity is compelling. Implementation of the fundraising plan will begin in year 2 when we need more resources to implement Goals 2 and 3. We seek and sustain productive collaborative relationships among and across many groups staff, scientists, educators, funders, decision-makers, and community partners to bring diverse ideas and solutions to all our work. Survey and conduct focus groups with Harvard Jewish graduate students to determine the type of programming which will meet their interests and needs. We embrace open communication within our institution, with the larger Harvard University community, and with our many partners and stakeholders. The dean convened a committee, led by a senior member of the faculty, to draft a new mission statement. Harvard Hillel will build on our current high-profile forums and initiatives to a) engage our University community and increase our appeal on campus by showcasing thought-leadership on relevant issues; b) share this aspect of Harvard Hillel with our widespread alumni and other supporters; and c) increase the renown of Harvard Hillel as a thriving community and center of Jewish excellence. Employ the program as a tool and model to expand diversity and inclusion at the Forest, at Harvard, and in the field of ecology. We recognize the importance of research contributions from the past and consider how our actions today will impact the future. 1 0 obj <> Continue to diversify the Summer Research Program and build inclusivity across its focal areas of research, education, and community. Once combined, the fledgling strategic plan was shared with the mission and operations leaders for further input. endobj Our mission is to advance understanding of biological, physical, and human systems in the New England landscape. Boston, MA 02115 The findings of the FSG are very much in line with the thinking we have been doing in Arts and Humanities, said Kelsey.

Engage a larger and more diverse cohort of Harvard students in long-term (semester-long or multi-year) research and scholarship using Harvard Forest field sites and resources. The Harvard Forest is an active part of the local community that intersects with a diverse world; we strive to make our work accessible and relevant to our neighbors and broader networks. Improve collection, analysis, and use of data to achieve greater understanding of our target population, discern and further develop effective engagement strategies, and sustain engagement with all students we identify.

In the immediate term, Gay will take recommendations from the report to adopt a new model for economic budgeting; appoint an expert to assist departments, centers, divisions, and the FAS as a whole with issues related to restricted funds; and develop a pilot program for more transparent and uniform cost and management of campus spaces. 3 0 obj Collect data to better understand the needs and opportunities to engage Harvard graduate students and Harvard-affiliated Jewish young adults. He sought insight from the HMS/HSDM Visiting Committee and the Board of Fellows. Further nurture and support our existing community of highly engaged students.

The success of the pandemic planning process motivated Gay to create the FAS Study Group, which began its work in November 2020. Harvard Forest will leverage and develop its educational programs to be an international leader in recruiting, training, and retaining talented and diverse students who will become the next generation of civically engaged ecologists and earth stewards.

[ 15 0 R] endobj Strengthen Harvard Hillels position as the center of Jewish and Israel activity on campus. because we want to dream big, said Gay. <> During the implementation of the plan, it is the Boards responsibility to ensure that the organization, through the actions of professional staff, is meeting its goals by monitoring progress on a regular basis and evaluating performance against each goal. This is a working document, a tool to help Harvard Hillel achieve its goals. This plan seeks to continue and expand many of our current activities, as well as incorporate new engagement goals. Subsequently, Dean Daley completed a road show of the strategic plan, where he spoke to a wide variety of stakeholders from the HMS community to garner additional input about the vision of the School. Parts of this plan, particularly Goal 1, can be executed with minor realignment of the current staffing levels. The committee received hundreds of emails and written input on the mission statement, which was then further refined based on feedback. \u|;co|=c6~pLN$HG$peQ?oDAV-z|N;D%K"=YH?qw:R;gEiyWG'sXTSG{H =X>h)=I&u* 9l 15 0 obj Inform, engage, and inspire environmental action and ecological literacy among diverse public audiences. Cultivate and promote an expanded set of major programs conceived by students (e.g. Maintain and increase the impact and visibility of the Fisher Museum and trails as a resource for the engagement and education of all groups. During the next two years, Dench plans to engage faculty and staff communities to develop a concomitant approach to admissions and to articulate core principles on how GSAS trains its students. The strategic plan below was developed in 2020 over a 6-month process by working groups of Harvard Forest staff, with frequent, iterative input from the wider community of staff, visiting research fellows, graduate students, and other stakeholders. Expand our programming and the calendar of events to build community across graduate schools and engage graduate students in Jewish life. The Harvard Hillel Board of Directors and staff, under the guidance of the strategic planning committee, developed this 5-year plan to direct their efforts to meet the newly crafted [proposed] mission. This information was synthesized into the following three categories during the deans retreat in August 2018. The goal of Jewish graduate student community demands the most structural change to staffing, facility, and funding but we believe the opportunity is compelling.

While the Forest attracts researchers from across the country and the world with its generous land base and infrastructure support for long-term experiments, a key feature in its success has been its core team of resident senior scientists. Partner with Harvard departments, offices, and centers to develop and launch relevant, proactive, and responsive events on campus. Mission: To nurture a diverse, inclusive community dedicated to alleviating suffering and improving health and well-being for all through excellence in teaching and learning, discovery and scholarship, and service and leadership. Take advantage of Hillel International programs to learn from the field. endobj offices, and centers of Harvard to consolidate and promote our distinctive platform for featured conversations on important ideas and issues. He facilitated working sessions with the Faculty Council, as well as preclinical and clinical chairs committees. The final mission statement and strategic plan were approved and implemented by the Deans Leadership Council on December 7. Following the address, Dean Daley launched formal processes to refresh the mission statement and develop a strategic plan in support of the vision. The work of the faculty group built upon ongoing examinations of divisional processes and operations in Division of Arts & Humanities and SEAS, as well as echoed work underway to recenter the graduate student experience in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. The process began by calling for input from the mission and operations leaders (faculty and administrators across various areas of education, research, clinical care, and operations) about their vision for the School. HF supports a diverse population of undergraduates in our long-standing summer residential program, providing training, mentorship and research opportunities. How do we build an FAS that empowers us as teachers and scholars, and that meets the needs of this generation and the next? Strive to have at least 75% of Jewish undergraduate students attend at least one Harvard Hillel event per year. Ensure outreach and engagement work is a consistent year-round focus, beyond current seasonal pushes (which include Freshman Week, High Holidays, Shabbat1000, Housing Day, Passover, Visitas). Concurrent to its strategic planning process, HMS also refreshed its mission statement, again seeking input from a wide variety of stakeholders across the HMS community. Provide research and mentoring opportunities for more graduate students from Harvard and collaborating institutions. Meeting monthly, the council will ensure the plan is implemented and that appropriate institutional resources are allocated to accomplish the mission-level priorities. We share our research to help guide stewardship of the planet. Improve the safety of the Harvard Forest campus. Copyright 2022 The President and Fellows of Harvard College, https://www.instagram.com/explore/locations/5179619/harvard-hillel/, Rabbi Jonah Steinberg, Executive Director. endobj Survey students at least annually to understand their needs, measure their satisfaction with our programs and determine the impact Harvard Hillel has on their Jewish identity. We support students along their unique paths, contributing to a meaningful Jewish life which sustains well after they graduate. Expand undergraduate outreach and engagement to connect with all Harvard College students who have a Jewish identity to inspire and support them in forging Jewish life. Multiply and diversify collaborations with faculty, academic departments. All rights reserved. 2021 The President and Fellows of Harvard College. Increase mentoring of undergraduates by graduate and professional students.

Share Jewish sources, traditions, ideas, and innovations, and their relevance in our world. Foster friendship in a nurturing and refreshing sanctuary amid the stresses of student life. Harvard Forest practices an open, inclusive, and collaborative approach to addressing local and global environmental challenges through excellence in science, education, and engagement with society. <> Augment our peer-elected Undergraduate Steering Committee with an appointed student leadership team focused on outreach and engagement. Inspire and enable Jewish connection, celebration, and action. Multiply and diversify collaborations with faculty, academic departments, offices, and centers of Harvard to consolidate and promote our distinctive platform for featured conversations on important ideas and issues. Those conversations were incredibly compelling and convinced me that this was something the entire division needed to work on.. We adapt our thinking and practices to meet new challenges and promote equitable opportunities. Raise the profile of Harvard Hillel on campus and beyond. Israel Summit, Israel Trek, student-invited speakers). We welcome students of all religions, races, colors, sexes, ethnicities, gender identities, sexual orientations, national origins, and abilities. Harvard Forest utilizes a variety of techniques to accomplish engagement and outreach goals in support of science, education and stewardship. <>

% endobj 12 0 obj My motivation was not financial efficiency, however important that may be. There was so much we didnt know at that time, but one thing was certain everything about our teaching and research was about to change, radically. It is important to make provisions to secure these resources to ensure the success of the strategic plan. Increase the number of Jewish Harvard College students* who have deeper or more frequent involvement with Harvard Hillel. Maintain our existing physical infrastructure in a state of good repair and provide critical facilities updates to comply with evolving building and safety codes. Decide on the extent of renovations to Rosovsky Hall needed to meet our future needs.

The additional programming and staffing needs, along with the required building renovations, have significant associated costs. During this time the dean met with students, faculty, and the Alumni Council. Other priorities identified in this plan include increasing the diversity of research staff, collaborators, and resident fellows; strengthening ties with the university; and increasing and broadening sources of funding. Explore potential collaborations with Chabad, Moishe House, et al. While expensive, some of the cost might be offset by an increase in research grants.

Increase communication and visibility of the Harvard Hillel brand in the graduate school communities. Determine the advantages and liabilities of rebranding Harvard Hillel, whether in the near term or as programming evolves. We strive to maintain an adaptable organization and infrastructure to support the growing and changing needs of the research, education, and outreach programmatic areas of Harvard Forests mission. Collaborate with local organizations to build broader post-graduate Cambridge Jewish social and cultural community. Creating a graduate student community requires a distinct and robust programmatic approach.

Create opportunities for current students to develop relationships with Harvard Hillel professional staff to that we can support each student on their unique Jewish path. The strategic planning process, which is envisioned to take place over the course of the next three years and will engage all faculty, is launching in parallel path with a focus on better understanding local experience, priorities, and context around graduate education, faculty support and development, and academic communities. Sharing Jewish ideas and culture and Israel with all of Harvard is an essential role; and our setting at the core of the Harvard community, along with our network of thought leaders and accomplished alumni, enable us to create and convene conversations of the highest caliber. endobj Similarly in GSAS, Dean Emma Dench has spearheaded recent student-centered initiatives, including The Advising Project, designed to improve mentoring for masters and doctoral students, and a series of mental health surveys conducted in partnership with Harvard University Health Services. 25 Shattuck Street ElA)Z{%e,M |+a12%7(sF_bnXg_ *Note: future references throughout this document to Jewish students, or similar terms, are meant to encompass broadly those who have Jewish identity or background. The Harvard Medical School community, under the direction of Dean George Q. Daley, embarked on a journey to refresh the Schools mission, vision, and strategic plan in 2016. Sustain scientific excellence through strong diverse collaborations, open science, and leadership within the scientific community, Address and help solve societally relevant questions through our research, and be attentive to and accountable for the impacts of our research on social inequities. xMo@s\d!Nm,P@l@lEv/"a1rzG)eSSPB;G:s1_L5Bm. Network resources include a 100 Mbps optical fiber connection to the university, 8 networked buildings, a field wireless network, and a VOIP telephone system. Claudine Gay, Edgerley Family Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, has launched a broad, three-year strategic planning process to define the structures and resources needed to support long-term excellence in teaching and research within and across the many fields and disciplines represented in the FAS. Involve graduate students and young professionals regularly in each of Harvard Hillels denominational prayer communities. Harvard Forest will maintain an adaptable physical and digital infrastructure that supports its research and education mission, balancing stewardship of the past with respectful modernization for safety, accessibility, inclusivity, and sustainability. Harvard Forest is an international leader in forest ecology and conservation. HF staff also support networking, telecommunications, field research infrastructure, and local computers, as well as scientific information management, the administrative database, and the HF website. This is an opportunity for the current generation of faculty to be founders for a future FAS. 17 0 obj Harvard Hillel engages our community in compelling ways when we create featured programs that leverage the special assets, opportunities and setting of Harvard. Expanding and diversifying this core team would have the greatest single impact on research and could (potentially) advance other areas, including education, outreach, and DIEB. In July, Dean Daley commenced a formal strategic planning process to integrate the results of robust, faculty-driven, mission-level planning processes and multiyear financial plans into a comprehensive set of overarching goals that sets the direction of the School.

stream 13 0 obj endobj Provide opportunities for K-12 teachers to practice and model authentic science and to engage with scientists from a diversity of backgrounds, so their students can see a place for themselves in the future of ecology. endobj Hire graduate student interns to support JSA Council initiatives.

<> <> Foster an online community among Israel Trek returnees, including current students and alumni (already numbering in the hundreds); consider creating an Israel Trek for alumni and supporters. endobj Faculty of Arts and SciencesofHarvard University Harvard University Digital Accessibility Policy, Harvard Forest324 North Main StreetPetersham, MA01366-9504Tel (978) 724-3302, Harvard University's 4000 acre laboratory & classroom, Harvard Forest Strategic Plan (2020-2025), The President and Fellows of Harvard College, Harvard University Digital Accessibility Policy. <>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 720 540] /Contents 12 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 1>> Therefore, a task force with representatives from the Strategic Planning Committee, Development Committee and Building Committee will meet to coordinate their plans. I think the shared premise of all of us working on the FSG was a desire to enable the FAS to be as nimble and innovative as possible in pursuing our teaching and research missions by attracting and retaining more early career scholars and diverse faculty, by exploring the most exciting areas of new inquiry independent of how they fit into existing disciplinary categories, and by creating the best possible learning environment for our students, said Stein. endobj Support small group clusters for Shabbat meals and Jewish learning. Determine the advantages and liabilities of rebranding Harvard Hillel, whether in the near term or as programming evolves. Increase collaborations with student affinity groups on campus through joint programming and offering our facility to host collaborative events. The Harvard Forest is Harvard Universitys 4000-acre laboratory and classroom, with year-round staff dedicated to long-term science and experiential learning.

<>>> We take a long-term perspective by considering the past, present, and future in our research and decision-making. Cultivate a broader set of undergraduate affinity groups within Harvard Hillel. Continue to care for our land base in a manner that allows for flexibility of research and educational uses while protecting current and future research opportunities, and natural and cultural resource, outlined in the Land-Use Master Plan developed in 2008. Priorities include elevating Harvard Forests visibility, leadership, and collaboration within Harvard University, enhancing the reach and impact of the Fisher Museum and conference center, and continuing to offer scientific programming in ecology and conservation relevant to diverse audiences and stakeholders. endstream We recognize that our institution is enriched by a wide range of perspectives and experiences and actively seek to create an environment where all feel included and heard. Sustain a large and exemplary long-term research program that involves an increasingly diverse Harvard Forest cohort of world-class scientists, students, and staff using a wide range of approaches, from fundamental to applied and from observational to experimental, and scaling from microbes to macrosystems and from moments to millennia. xMO1+!4U)4XqXA %j7qQ>\F3 T'1!wY BD,B(;]>ZC{W7{e,`|2xAhz _h"?f4TE|4BPyE~+| I was interested in whether we could do a better job supporting emerging fields, engaging students and young scholars, and preparing the arts and humanities to flourish in the middle decades of the 21st century. %PDF-1.5 By Manisha Aggarwal-Schifellite Harvard Staff Writer. We need intentionality when it comes to the recruitment and training of graduate students and greater focus on their well-being. Our community members support, mentor, and learn from one other, promoting respect and empathy in all activities.

To download a PDF of the Strategic Planning Overview 2018, click here. Year 1 of the strategic plan, when we have relatively few additional expenses, will be spent creating the fundraising plan which will include a major gifts program, outreach to untapped foundations, and an expanded capital campaign.

13, who spearheaded the creation of an app that offers users accessibility information. Conduct a study of Hillels who have undergone a rebranding effort. Expand program offerings which educate and expand upon students cultural fluency so that they can lead meaningful Jewish lives.

<> Promote and share signature Harvard Hillel programs with alumni via in-person and digital platforms; live-stream and web-cast major programs to beyond-campus constituencies and a wider audience. This is an exciting opportunity to effect change for our current and future students, said Dench, McLean Professor of Ancient and Modern History and of the Classics. 18 0 obj 2 0 obj Host more of our highly popular social gatherings for graduate students. In 2020, facilities human resources include a full-time team of 5 Woods Crew staff members as well as two part-time temporary staff who care for the land and facilities. Create and staff a Council of the Jewish Student Association (JSA) heads from across schools for collaborative planning and programming. 10 0 obj 14 0 obj Increase student involvement in the conception, planning, and implementation of further high-profile programs. As such, it may be adjusted and modified as needed to support the changing environment and the needs of the organization. This draft statement was shared broadly with the HMS community, and feedback was welcomed in many different ways, including by email and by hand at easels spread across the campus. stream Survey and conduct focus groups with undergraduate students, graduate students, alumni, and other supporters. In addition, a large local age peer community is greatly enmeshed with Harvard graduate students in Jewish life, presenting a challenge of mission scope, but also the possibility of partnerships with other organizations. Ensure that our facilities and the way we do business align with our values of diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging. We are committed to excellence in our research, education, outreach, stewardship of our land and physical resources, and our workplace culture. We serve as a home base and hub of activity for all Jewish students. 6 0 obj 617-432-1000, 2022 by The President and Fellows of Harvard College, Research Departments, Centers, Initiatives and more, Celebrating 50 Years of Diversity and Inclusion, Resources for those affected by War in Ukraine, Cross-cutting strategic goals: vision statements applicable across all HMS mission areas, Mission-level priorities: tangible strategic goals specific to one or more areas of the School, Mission-enabling priorities: cross-cutting operational goals that support the mission areas.

Multiply opportunities for encounters among students and faculty across Harvard schools and young professional communities. The council will review data and metrics related to the plan to ensure outcomes are achieved. 16 0 obj There is an appetite for these conversations and an imperative for change, said Gay, who put the process into motion after seeing success in the pandemic-born Scenario Planning Process that engaged working groups of more than 100 faculty and administrators to work collaboratively to address the moments unique challenges and envision solutions.

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