This course provides supervised experience in psychological assessment, therapy, and/or consultation in a community setting. This course examines behavior analysis methods including stimulus control, shaping, chaining and imitation, along with extinction, differential reinforcement and punishment to decrease behavior. Tallahassee, FL 32306-2480, Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM A sheep brain lab accompanies the course. May be repeated to a maximum of nine semester hours. Behavioral Analysis in Mental Health and Aging (3). Prejudice and Stereotyping: Specific research includes the regulation of prejudice and the prejudice reduction process; the causes and consequences of negative affect and aggression in intergroup interactions; the implications of race for responses to criminal suspects. Florida State's program in cognitive psychology features active research programs in attention, visual processing, cognitive aging, cognitive neuroscience, expert performance, memory, psycholinguistics, reading, and skill acquisition.

Prerequisite: Instructor permission. Behavioral Analysis in Education and Performance Management (3). This course covers the development of children's cognitive and social behavior from infancy to the beginning of adolescence. Applicants must satisfy all admission requirements and policies set by the department and University. A molecular neuroscience laboratory provides equipment and training for studies of gene cloning and gene expression, as well as techniques to measure levels of hormones and neurotransmitters. Diversity in Individuals and Cultures: Issues for Clinical Psychology (3). This course exposes graduate students to a broad array of current techniques and methodologies in the neurosciences from a molecular to behavioral level of analysis.

A minimum of three semester hours is required. This course is an off-campus internship for one year, two thousand hours. Visit our Website at for more details. Prerequisites: EAB 3703 and EXP 3422 (or equivalents) or instructor permission. Prerequisite: Instructor permission is required for non-clinical psychology students. Directed Individual Study (112). This course consists of supervised research on an original research project submitted in partial fulfillment of doctoral degree requirements. It is undeniable that our cognitive systems undergo change as we get older. May be repeated to a maximum of thirty-six semester hours. In-depth seminars are offered in prejudice and stereotyping, the psychology of intimate relationships, and the self. (S/U grade only). Students may register for a maximum of three sections within the same semester. The programs are in clinical psychology (the assessment, treatment, and study of the determinants of pathological behavior in children and adults with emphasis on biological, cognitive, and environmental factors), cognitive psychology (the study of how humans process complex information received by the senses), developmental psychology (the study of physical, cognitive, and social change throughout the life span), neuroscience (the study of the biological bases of behavior), and social psychology (the study of how humans think about, influence, and relate to one another). Pre- or corequisites: EXP 5508; Cognitive psychology majors only. The Program places a heavy emphasis on laboratory research in a collegial and interactive atmosphere. This course prepares students to work with developmentally disabled and autistic individuals. PSB 6920r. The director of the Center is Dr. Don Compton.

Sources of funding include the following: fellowships, teaching assistantships, research assistantships, departmental assistantships, minority program fellowships, and community agency placements. Research opportunities are abundant in the Department of Psychology. CLP 5189. The facilities are operated by experts in biomedical, electrical, and structural engineering; computer hardware and software support; and graphics design and include fully equipped computer, electronic, machine, graphics, and instrument design shops. He is the president of the Wholesaler Institute. How does the brain change as we learn, and how is information represented by neural systems? Closing More Sales from the Inside enlists a variety of interactive adult learning technologies. This facility provides excellent clinical and research training for clinical students, who render services under close supervision of clinical faculty. The following organizations have participated in Wholesaler Institute events: This program will be conducted virtually via Zoom meetings, Getting call backs and through gatekeepers, Handling objections and closing on next step, Copyright 2021. This trend is not likely to end in the near future. EXP 5508. Preliminary Doctoral Examination (0). PCB 5845. May be repeated to a maximum of twenty-four semester hours. Emotion: Specific research includes emotional influences on judgment and decision-making, risk-taking, and social cognition; the self-regulation of emotional states; emotional experiences in the context of social interaction; psychophysiological processes and emotion. This course focuses on current scientific knowledge in areas of human intellectual functioning: perception, attention, memory, language, and reasoning. Faculty members attract a high level of research grant support from federal and state agencies, including the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation. Right now, while many advisors continue to limit face-to-face meetings with wholesalers, the inside team possesses an enormous opportunity to drive new sales. Animal Psychophysics (3). Admission to graduate study is based upon a combination of factors, including undergraduate and graduate grade point average, Graduate Record Examination scores, letters of recommendation from former professors, prior experience, and the applicant's personal statement. This course is a survey of the content areas in social and personality psychology. Ethical and Professional Issues in Applied Behavior Analysis (3). CLP 5475. These broad areas of research include: Self and Identity: Specific research includes self-control, self-knowledge, accuracy and error in self-judgment, self-deception and defense mechanisms, self-presentation and impression management; how the self operates in social interactions; how people respond to blows to their pride or "threatened egotism," including effects on decision-making and aggression; the "need to belong" as a basic motivation, including what happens when people are rejected or excluded. accountability, and value add programs., The Wholesaler Bootcamp provided me with the strategies needed to maximize my sales.. Students who request financial assistance typically receive some kind of support throughout their graduate education. PSB 6070r. EAB 5701. Research Design and Methods in Clinical Psychology (3). In contrast to the Tallahassee campus programs described above in which students obtain their master's degree en route to the doctorate, the degree offered at Panama City is a terminal master's and a thesis is not an option. This course consists of a ten hour per week research apprenticeship under the direction of a research professor.

May be repeated to a maximum of eight semester hours. EXP 5642. PSY 5947r. No more than three semester hours may be counted toward the master's degree and five semester hours toward the doctoral degree. Affective Neuroscience (3). Based on a clinical science model, the PhD program in Clinical Psychology promotes a scientifically based approach to understanding, assessing, and ameliorating cognitive, emotional, behavioral, and health problems and seeks to produce students who can contribute to and apply the relevant scientific knowledge. We also use behavioral experiments, eye-tracking, and electrophysiology to explore how language skills develop in children. PSY 6945. This course explores methods, designs, evaluation of treatment outcome and program evaluation research. Panama City, Florida 32405, FSU Panama City Directory Assistance:(850) 872-4750myFSU, Florida State University Cognitive area faculty explore the factors that lead some things to be remembered better than others, and that lead people to be more accurate in their assessment of how well they will remember something later. Master's Thesis Defense (0). A basic statistics course is also required if the student has not previously taken an introductory statistics course. EAB 5721. Developmental psychology is an integrative discipline that has implications for other areas of psychology including cognitive psychology, neuroscience, social psychology, and clinical psychology. Topics include issues in assessment and intervention, improving language capability, preparation for community placement, and the treatment of severe behavior disorders. Experimental Analysis of Behavior (3). With upper-level courses in the psychological disciplines of clinical, cognitive, social and neuroscience, the program offers students the flexibility to specialize in their area of greatest interest. Completed applications are due between December 1st and January 15th, depending on the program. How do we understand language? A minimum of six semester hours of credit is required for the master's degree. Corerequisites: PSB 5341 or instructor permission. This course consists of a teaching apprenticeship under the direction of a faculty member, involves observed teaching and teacher observation. Paul is the author of eight business classics, including Mastering the Art of Wholesaling, and 22 Keys to Sales Success: How to Make It Big in Financial Services, published by Bloomberg Press. Preliminary Examination Preparation (19). How do we understand and navigate complex visual environments? Ethics and Standards of Professional Practice (3). Concentrates on methods, data, and theory in areas of classical conditioning and instrumental training. Completion of the preliminary doctoral-examination requirements for the program area. Interpersonal Relationships: Specific research includes examination of factors predicting the maintenance of relationship satisfaction over time, including, but not limited to, attributions, behavior, forgiveness, physical attractiveness, sexual relations, personality, self-esteem, expectations, and intimate partner violence. EAB 5710. Prerequisite: Instructor permission. This course consists of a supervised individual study project on a selected topic. (P/F grade only. Applied Behavioral Analysis Practicum (3). A maximum of six credits may be taken in the same semester. We all find the performances of expert athletes and musicians to be spellbinding. Our Psychology Clinic has been recognized by APA for Innovative Practices in Graduate Education in Psychology for its accomplishments in integrating training in service and science. Prerequisites: CLP 6169; instructor permission. Copyright, Selected Research Topics (3). Eastern Time, Questions or Comments First-year students work ten hours per week with a faculty member who is conducting research in an area of interest to the student. The program conforms to a mentorship training model. Prerequisites: PSY 5325, CLP 5196 and 6169. Add an academic minor or a certificate to your degree program, or discover new interests through a student organization. EAB 6130r. DEP 6117r. The psychology program at FSU Panama City offers a general background in psychology. Techniques of Clinical Supervision (13). Students interested primarily in clinical practice are not a good match for our program. New students are accepted for enrollment only in the Fall semester of each year. The Developmental Program also has a strong relationship with The Florida Center for Reading Research (, which supports both basic and applied research in reading, and has ongoing studies of reading instruction and assessment in pre-school and elementary aged children as well as adults. Prerequisites: CLP 6169 and instructor permission. Our faculty members conduct research on many of the central themes of cognitive science: What makes an expert?

Developmental Psychology (3).

Neuroscience Colloquium (1). Questions or Comments, Privacy Policy This course aims to familiarize graduate students with current issues in cognitive science and to prepare students to be able to present ongoing research at the level expected for presentations at national and international conferences. We provide concurrent, integrative training in clinical science and clinical service delivery so that our graduates are prepared not only to apply current knowledge, theories, and techniques, but are able and motivated to remain at the cutting edge of the field. ), see Educational Psychology and Learning Systems, A3900 University Center The cognitive area explores the comprehension process, from the processes involved in extracting information from the written page to the use of our perceptual and motor systems to internally simulate the content of the language. This collaborative work often evolves into a master's thesis. Chair: Frank Johnson; Associate Chair: Hardy; Professors: Boot, Charness, Compton, Cougle, Eckel, Hajcak, Hart, Hull, F. Johnson, Joiner, Kaschak, Keel, Kistner, Lonigan, Maner, McNulty, Patrick, Plant, Rinaman, Schatschneider, Schmidt, Spector, Taylor, Wagner, Wang, Williams; Associate Professors: Ganley, Hammock, Kofler, Li, Meltzer, Meyer, Nee, Ribeiro, Wilber; Assistant Professors: Braithwaite, Dewan, March, Martin, Zhang; Research Faculty: Sachs-Ericsson; Teaching Faculty: Hansen, Hardy, Haughbrook, Kemper, Koehler, O. Johnson, Kline, Murphy, Polick, Towne; Affiliated Faculty: Flynn, Phillips, Roehrig, Tenenbaum, Wetherby; Adjunct Instructors: O'Neal-Moffitt, Sullivan, Wells Harrison; Professors Emeriti: Bailey, Baumeister, Berkley, Brigham, Carbonell, Hokanson, Lang, Megargee, Miller, Rashotte, Smith, Stephan, Torgesen, Weaver.
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